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Asheville, NC - Vital Facts, Figures, Accolades & Awards

Updated on January 3, 2016
There are lots of great reasons to love Asheville, Land of the Sky
There are lots of great reasons to love Asheville, Land of the Sky | Source

Vital facts & figures

Here are some interesting facts, figures and other statistics on Asheville, North Carolina, The Land of the Sky.

Asheville Population (2010)

  • City of Asheville population: c. 84,000 people
  • Asheville population density: c. 1,900 people per square mile
  • Asheville & surrounding areas population: c. 240,000 people
  • Asheville metro area: c. 425,000 people
  • Gender diversity: 47% male, 53% female
  • Average age: c. 40 years old; 6% children under 5; 19% children under 18; 16% people over 65
  • Ethnic mix: 79% White, 13% Black, 6.5% Latino/Hispanic, 1.5% Other
  • Education: 90% high school graduate or higher; 41% Bachelor’s degree or higher

Asheville geography

  • County: Buncombe County, North Carolina
  • Elevation of city: 2,134 feet
  • Land area: 44.9 square miles
  • Water area: 0.3 square miles

Climate in Asheville

  • Spring (April): average low / high temperatures: 43°F / 68°F; rainfall: 3.3 inches; 252 hours of sunshine
  • Summer (July): average low / high temperatures: 64°F / 84°F; rainfall: 4.4 inches; 257 hours of sunshine
  • Fall (October): average low / high temperatures: 45°F / 68°F; rainfall: 2.9 inches; 220 hours of sunshine
  • Winter (January): average low / high temperatures: 27°F / 47°F; rain / snowfall: 8.3 inches; 177 hours of sunshine
  • Yearly: average low / high temperatures: 45°F / 67°F; rain / snowfall: 58 inches; 2,625 hours of sunshine

The top ten employers in Asheville

  1. Mission Health System: 3,000+ employees
  2. Buncombe County Schools System: 3,000+ employees
  3. Ingles Markets, Inc: 3,000+ employees
  4. State of North Carolina: 1,000+ employees
  5. Buncombe County: 1,000+ employees
  6. Asheville VA Medical Center: 1,000+ employees
  7. City of Asheville: 1,000+ employees
  8. Wal-Mart: 1,000+ employees
  9. The Biltmore Company: 1,000+ employees
  10. Asheville–Buncombe Technical Community College: 1,000+ employees

Housing & Finances in Asheville

  • Median household income: $40,000
  • Average housing cost: c. $280,000; number of housing units c. 42,000
  • Average monthly rental costs: c. $770
  • Home ownership rate: c. 53%

Crime in Asheville (rate per 100,000 inhabitants)

  • Violent crime: 257
  • Robbery: 82
  • Property crime: 3,268
  • Theft: 2,086

All of these rates are lower than the US national average.

Accolades & awards for Asheville

Our little spot of paradise in the mountains isn’t just loved by those of us that live here. Over the years, Asheville has received kudos, recognition and awards from lots of different sources. Here’s a selection.

  • Best place to live and work as a movie maker – – We were voted the best place to live and work as a movie maker in 2014 by – Described as the best place for small town movie making, Asheville has provided a background for movies including The Hunt for Red October, The Hunger Games, Last of the Mohicans and The Green Mile. We also have a number of lcoal film festivals that run here every year, making it the perfect place for aspiring producers and directors to show off their work
  • The most beautiful place in America – Good Morning America – GMA described Asheville as the most beautiful place in the USA. With the Blue Ridge Mountains, inspiring architecture and changing seasons, it’s easy to see why
  • Alternative Travel Destinations – Men’s Journal – We were highlighted as a great alternative to Portland, Oregon by Men’s Journal, citing our restaurants, microbrews and cider
  • Secret Foodie Cities – Forbes Travel Blog – Lovingly describing our food as ‘Wacky’, Forbes Travel Blog highlights some of our quirky, award winning local cuisine
  • Top Fall Foliage Destination – Trip Advisor – With our tree-covered mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway, Fall is a stunning time to be in Asheville, and leaf-peepers from around the country make the trip to enjoy the spectacular golds and reds. October is the best time to enjoy the spectacular views in the Appalachian Mountains
  • Beer City USA – – It won’t come as a shock to anyone that Asheville has repeatedly won the ‘Beer City USA” poll. With our huge range of local, delicious craft brews, breweries relocating to our city and a vibrant bar and pub scene, there’s a beverage for everyone. We do occasionally serve wine too, but we don’t like to talk about that!
  • First Place in Top 25 Small Cities – American Style Magazine – We were recognized as the best of the 25 small cities in America; American Style Magazine cited our architecture, galleries, arts and crafts, culture and beer!
  • Best Metro Places for Business and Careers – Forbes – North Carolina in general is well regarded as a good place for careers and business; although it can be very difficult to find a job in Asheville, if you’re looking to start a business here, you’ll have a pick of local talent, UNCA, great locations and help from City Hall
  • One of the Best US Cities for Retirement – – The combination of an active lifestyle, lots of things to do, access to quality healthcare and a great social scene means that Asheville is a great place to retire to
  • Top US Destinations On The Rise – Trip Advisor – Our city attractions, events, scenic beauty and diverse cultural scene made us a natural choice in Trip Advisor’s recommendations for places to visit
  • Best River Towns in America – Outside Online – With one of the oldest rivers in the world, The French Broad River running through the heart of the city, it’s not surprising that we were named one of the best river towns in the US; there’s plenty to enjoy on the river too, with inner tubing, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and more
  • Happiest City in America – Self Magazine – The combination of a laid-back vibe, great cultural and social scene, breathtaking scenery, great beer, live music, active lifestyle and more means that Ashevillians are a pretty happy bunch! We’re proud of our city, and it’s great to be recognized as one of the happiest places in the US
  • Best Places to Reinvent Your Life – AARP Magazine – Combine our Bohemian attitude and culture with some good healthcare, the fact we have a lot of ‘Transplants’ for elsewhere and a decent collection of like-minded individuals, and you have a great place in Asheville to reinvent things and start over
  • Top Adventure Towns – National Geographic – Whether you want to go hiking in The Blue Ridge Parkway, climb in the Smokey Mountain National Park, enjoy our other outdoor spaces, try water sports on The French Broad River or have fun ziplining through the trees, it’s easy to see why Asheville was named one of the top adventure towns
  • 12 Dreamy Towns for Vegan Living – Veg News – As a vegetarian myself, I was delighted to see Asheville named one of the top places for vegan living. With a very active vegetarian / vegan food scene, lots of local markets and great produce, it’s certainly easy to have a healthy, fulfilling vegetarian / vegan lifestyle here

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to love visiting here, and living here. Come see us!


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