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Asheville, NC - Where to Find Utility Suppliers in Asheville

Updated on January 3, 2016

If you’re moving into a place in Asheville, or you just want to find out your alternatives when it comes to utilities, energy, water, cable, telephony and the like, here’s a list of the main providers in and around the Asheville area.

Electricity – Asheville

  • Duke Progress Energy Carolinas – The main electricity supplier in the Western North Carolina area, Duke Progress Energy supplies the majority of homes and businesses in and around the city. You can reach customer service on 800 452-2777 or report outages on 800 319-6356
  • Haywood Electric Membership Corporation – A cooperative way to source and use energy in and around Asheville; you can call them on (828) 452-2281

Natural Gas – Asheville & surrounding areas

  • PSNC Energy – Public Service of North Carolina Energy (PSNC) supplies natural gas throughout Asheville and Hendersonville; you can reach them on (877) 776-2427

Water & Sewer – Asheville

  • Asheville Department of Water Resources (Asheville & Buncombe County) – Based out of City Hall, the Department of Water Resources takes care of all water supply and sewage treatment in and around the city; you will need to pay a deposit and fill in an application form, but you can do this over the phone. You can contact them on (828) 251-1122

Trash / Garbage Collection – Asheville

  • City of Asheville Trash Collection – Solid waste garbage collection is handled by the city; you can find your garbage collection day here, based on where you’re located and you can contact the garbage collection department on (828) 251-1122
  • Waste Pro – Waste Pro provides private garbage collection for residential, commercial and industrial properties in and around the city; you can reach them on (828) 684-7790
  • Buncombe County Dept of Solid Waste – For other solid waste disposal, talk to the Dept of Solid Waste on (828) 250-5460
  • Buncombe County Landfill – If you want to drop off waste and garbage yourself, there’s a landfill available; they can be contacted on (828) 645-5311

Recycling – Asheville

  • Curbie – Curbie provides curbside recycling on behalf of the City of Asheville; you can reach them on (828) 252-2532
  • City of Asheville Recycling Hotline – You can reach the recycling hotline on (828) 259-5547
  • Requests for recycling bins – You can make requests for a new recycling bin from Curbie on (828) 252-2532

Telephone – Asheville

  • Bell South – Outside a cable package, Bell South is the main provider of telephony services in and around Asheville; if you’re a residential customer, you can reach them on1-800 767-2355 and business customers can reach them on 1-800 919-2800

Cable TV & Internet – Asheville

  • Charter – The main supplier to the Asheville area is Charter; you can reach their call center on 800 955-7766 or contact their local office on Hendersonville Rd on (828) 452-5804
  • Haywood Cable TV – This is another alternative for people in and around the city; they can be reached on (828) 926-2288

Electricity – Surrounding areas

Water & Sewer – Surrounding areas

Outside Asheville, each town has its own water provision, as follows:

  • Black Mountain (828) 669-8250
  • Biltmore Forest Town Hall (828) 274-0824
  • Canton Water Service (828) 646-3414
  • Clyde Water Service (828) 627-2566
  • Hendersonville Water (828) 697-3052
  • Maggie Valley Water Service (828) 926-0145
  • Metropolitan Sewerage District (MSD) (828) 255-0061
  • Waynesville Water Service (828) 456-3515
  • Weaverville Water & Sewer (828) 645-7116
  • Woodfin Sanitary Water & Sewer (828) 253-5551


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