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Atlantis Bahamas Resort-- How to Save on Meals!

Updated on November 22, 2009

Atlantis Bahamas is amazing in every direction you look, fabulous beaches with white sands and clear blue water, incredible pools with waterfalls and lazy rivers, marine animals of every kind at every turn, and exiting and thrilling rides with burst of speed and underwater views, but the most amazing fact about Atlantis Bahamans is the prices they charge for food.

Atlantis has 21 restaurants that range from casual to gourmet. They also have several ‘quick bites’ pool location. If you choose to eat your meals in the resort a family of 4 should expect to pay a minimum of $60 for breakfast, $100 for lunch and $200 for dinner. Here are some tips to make your family’s stay at Alantis financially sound.

Choose the Meal plan. Atlantis Resorts offer the opportunity to pay for all your meals in one payment. They offer three plans: The Casual Dining Plan, The Gourmet Dining Plan, and The Cove Gourmet Dining Plan+, which is available to Cove & Reef guestsonly. When we went last month, the meal plan for a family of 4 staying 7 days ran for about $1,200 for the casual plan, which must be paid for at least 3 days prior to arrival. To view the current daily rate for each plan visit

If you choose not to purchase or are unable to purchase any of the meal plans but you want to have your meals in the resort, you can buy a pie of pizza from the Marina Pizzeria. A plain medium pie will still cost almost $40 but it beats $200+ you would pay for the buffet for 4 at the Marketplace which is one of the most casual and affordable of Atlatis restaurants. Or you can enjoy dinner at Murry’s Deli. Dinner for four at the dinner will run about $120. The average price of a cheeseburger in the resort’s ‘quick bites’ pool locations was about $20 and a 12 ounce bottle of water was $9.

If you don’t mind eating outside the resort you can purchase your meals from local vendors just outside the Atlantis resort.  While Jamba Juice in the resort’s marina may charge $60. for 4 breakfast biscuit sandwiches and 4 drinks, Quizino’s, a short walk (100 feet) outside the Coral Towers will charge only $17.  Wile lunch at the pool side ‘quick bites’ may cost over $100, again Quizino’s will cost about $25. Buy your breakfast and lunch outside the resort.  The local strip mall, (outside the Coral Towers) has a pharmacy, a grocery store, Anthony’s restaurant, liquor store, Quizino’s and several souvenir stores.  A can of coke in the resort costs $4 while at the strip mall is only $1. And a 12 ounce bottle of water is only $1. It pays to take a walk to the strip mall to buy your drinks and snacks.

Another options is to take a taxi across the bridge to the local marina.  Taxis wait at the hotel front and drivers are very friendly and eager to recommend eating locations. Even if you include the money you pay for the taxi ($6 to $10) as a meal expense you will still spend 4 to 5 times less than you would spend at the resort.  A casual meal for 4 outside the resort could go for as little as $50. while at the resort a casual meal will cost over $200.

Buying your meals outside the resort is by far more economical than buying them in the resort.  “Outside the resort” sounds far, but literally is only 100 feet away. If they’re smart, family of 4 can spend as little as $100 per day on meals.


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      avery 7 years ago

      very helpful. thank you