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Attractions in Lagos, Nigeria

Updated on July 23, 2012

The city of Lagos

Lagos is the economic and financial capital of Nigeria and known for its music and night life. In recent years more night clubs sprung on the islands, especially Victoria Island, the main nightlife attraction.

Bar Beach, Victoria Island

Bar Beach is the main beach on Victoria Island, alongside Ahmadu Bello Way. Bar Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the state and is the main, inner city beach. It is named after the sand bars that characterize the coastline of Lagos and not the myriad of bars that run along the beach itself.


The town of Badagry enlightens the world to its historic sites, landscapes, cultural artifacts and relics of human slavery, sharing this world heritage site with people from around the world. They are preserving buildings, sites and memories of this iniquitous period so those tourists can unearth the dark impact of this era. In the early 1500's, slaves were transported through Badagry from West Africa to America. During the period of American Independence in 1787, Badagry exported around 550 000 African slaves to America. Places of interest in Badagry include the Palace of the Akran, relics of slave chains in the mini museum of slave trade, cannons of war, the Vlekte slave Market, and the Slave Port established for the shipment of slaves.

Didi Museum

The Didi Museum is one of Nigeria's pioneer private museums. It offers a seamless blend of antiquities and contemporary African art. These artworks include rare antiquities in the Jibunoh collection: artistic gems like the Obalufon Bronze Head, Wood Carvings from Ife, Nok terracotta from the original excavations and, bronzes and wood carvings from Igbo Uku.

Lekki Conservation Centre

The Lekki Conservation Centre, founded in 1990, aims to preserve the region's delicate ecosystem for future generations. Some of the animals you can spot here include the Mona monkeys, crocodiles, bush bucks, Maxwell duikers and some giant rats. The centre is equipped with nature trails, a habitat of swamp and savannah and various tree platforms from which visitors can appreciate the beautiful landscapes of Lekki Beach. The area is very safe as it is fenced in and under 24-hour surveillance. Entry to the centre is free.


The National Museum

The National Museum is situated in central Lagos island. The museum houses some of finest bronze sculptures and ivory carvings produced by the Kingdom of Benin.

The Government of Yesterday and Today gallery displays information about Nigeria's post-colonial generals, presidents and military rulers. The bullet-ridden black Mercedes of former President Murtala Mohammed, in which he was assassinated in 1973, is one of the most interesting exhibits.


National Theater, Iganmu

The National Arts Theatre is located in Iganmu, Lagos State. The building was completed in 1976 for the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) in 1977. The building is shaped like a military hat and has a 5000 seater main hall with a collapsible stage as well as two cinema halls with a capacity of 700 - 800 each.


Lagos, Nigeria


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      Laura du Toit 7 years ago from South Africa

      Very well researched hub. Thanks for sharing!