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Australia Vacation Planning: Finding Cheap Flights to Australia

Updated on May 9, 2012

Flying to Australia

Most people when they travel look for ways to save money on their flight, this is particularly true of flights to Australia. The main reason is that going to Australia is very expensive compared to other travel destinations because of the distances that are involved. It is therefore a good idea to know how to find cheap flights to Australia so that you are not spending more than you have to.

The first thing that you are going to have to understand that the term cheap flights is relative. Australia is pretty far away from most places so the cost of the flight is going to be pretty high compared to what you are probably used to paying. At a minimum you should expect to spend around a thousand dollars on your flight, it may be possible to find cheaper flights at certain times but this is far from guaranteed.

If you are travelling from the United States there are two ways to get to Australia, you can fly west over the Pacific or you can fly from the east coast and go over Europe and Asia. The cost will be about the same no matter which direction you go in so the real factor that will come into play is the cost of getting to either coast. Most of the time when you book your flight to Australia the cost of the flight to the coast that it starts from will be included in the cost of the ticket. However it is often cheaper to book your flight from the coast and then find a cheap flight to get there.

If you are starting from the east coast of the United States your cheapest option may actually be to fly from Europe. There are lots of cheap flights from the United States to Europe and once you are in Europe it may be possible to find a cheaper flight from their to Australia simply because of the shorter distance that you have to travel.

The most common option that most people use for flights to Australia is Qantas and they often have good deals available. Often you can get the best price by going directly to their website. You may however want to consider other options like Cathay Pacific and Vietnam Airlines which also fly from North America and Europe and stop in Australia on the way. In a lot of cases they will have the best prices so they are worth checking out.

One other thing that may influence the cost of your flight is your destination in Australia. Most people will fly into Melbourne and Sydney and the cost of these two destinations will be about the same. However if you are coming from Europe you can usually get a cheaper flight into Perth. That being said most people want to vacation on the east coast around Melbourne or Sydney so this can be an issue with flying into Perth. It may however be possible to get a cheap flight from Perth to the east coast that will still make the total cost less.


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