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Australia - Victoria

Updated on January 7, 2012

Victoria (Australia)

Victoria is one of the six states in Australia and it is the smallest one but anyway Victoria is the 2nd most populated with more than 5 million people. Most of the people live in Melbourne that is one of the most beautiful cities I saw. One of the most interesting tourist attraction in Victoria is a beautiful Great Ocean Road. Beside that I visited Phillip Island with interesting Penguins parade. On the way to Great Ocean Road I visited also Erskine Falls, Maits Rest and Otway Fly Tree Top Walk. Other attractions will have to wait for my next visit.

Australia Map

Australia - Victoria Map

Melbourne (Victoria)
Melbourne (Victoria) | Source
Melbourne from Rialto Towers
Melbourne from Rialto Towers | Source


Melbourne is a very beautiful city with not so big city centre so you can visit many parts just by your feet or use free tram or bus service. There is a lot of interesting places to see in Melbourne but I would recommend you walk along Yarra River, visit of Royal Botanic Gardens, Old Melbourne Gaol, Melbourne Central, Melbourne Aquarium, Rialto Towers, etc.

Maits Rest
Maits Rest | Source

Maits Rest

Maits Rest is a must see for hiker and nature lovers. Path is not long so you will not need much more than 30 minutes to walk through beautiful rainforest. There you will see old trees, giant ferns, maybe also some animal, etc. Maits Rest is located not so far from Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road. So if you are driving on the Great Ocean Road to Port Campell National Park with The Twelve Apostles you will probably not miss it.

Great Ocean Road - The Twelve Apostles
Great Ocean Road - The Twelve Apostles | Source

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road is probably the most famous tourist attraction in Victoria (Australia) or at least one of the most famous attractions. Best way to visit it is to rent a car in Melbourne and drive to the west along coast. On the way you will see beautiful picturesque bays and nature creations. Probably most famous site is the Twelve Apostles but also other places are very interesting. On the way to Great Ocean Road I suggest you to stop for Maits Rest, Erskine Falls and Otway Fly Tree Top Walk.

Otway Fly Tree Top Walk
Otway Fly Tree Top Walk | Source

Otway Fly Tree Top Walk

Otway Fly Tree Top Walk is the interesting place that you can visit on the way to Port Campbell National Park (Twelve Apostles, etc.). At Otway Fly Tree Top Walk you can walk high above the forest floor around the trees and enjoy in nature from different perspective. There is also interesting prehistoric trail where you can see dinosaurous.

Erskine Falls
Erskine Falls | Source

Erskine Falls

Eskine Falls are falls that you can see if you drive on the Great Ocean Road. If you are driving from Melbourne direction you have to turn right at town Lorne and continue driving some more kilometers. There is parking area at the end of the road. From there you need just a little to come to lookout point and a few minutes more to come to the Erskine Falls base. Depending of the time of visit there could be more or less water. When I was there there in March were not so much water but anyway it was worth to see. If you have more time and want to hike you can continue to walk along the brook.

Penguin Parade
Penguin Parade | Source

Penguin Parade

Penguin Parade is the most famous attraction on Phillip Island and one of the most famous in Victoria. Penguin Parade happens in the evening when little penguins come from the sea and walk from the beach inside of the island. First part of the "show" is from stands where spectators wait for pengiuns that come from sea. Second part is watching penguins from boardwalks above the beach. I really suggest visit of Penguin Parade cause it is much more interesting to see animals in their natural environment. Ok because of all stuff around made for Penguin Parade it is not anymore real natural environment but anyway still better than to go to zoo.

Nobbies | Source

The Nobbies

The Nobbies is the nature park on the west side of Phillip Island in Australia (Victoria). There you can find many boardwalks with lookout points that offer a great view on the coast. If you will walk around boardwalks you will come to the blowhole. Blowhole is a sea cave that thunders with a sea waves. On the way around Nobbies boardwalks you will meet birds. There are also information boards where you can learn more about the Nobbies. And don't forget to visit Ping Parade that is not so far away from here.

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