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Australian Bungee and Bungy Jumping Guide - List of Operators, Sites, Locations and Packages

Updated on June 28, 2017
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John has traveled extensively has developed 5 website guides for touring Australia & Worldwide. John has developed travelers tips & tricks.

Bungee Jump - Australia

For the ultimate adrenalin rush, thrill, adventure and a huge personal dare nothing beats Bungee Jumping (or Bungy Jumping as its sometimes called)!! Throwing yourself off a high tower towards a shallow pool with a giant rubber band tied attached to your ankles is the ultimate challenge for defeating the fear factor with shear will power. Bungee (Bungy) Jumping is a major tourist attraction in Australia.

'Bungy' is a New Zealand slang word for an elastic strap or cord. The highly elastic bungy cords are made from latex rubber and are sized to provide with a five-fold safety margin for the jumper. Bungee Jumping began by dare-devils wanting to copy the famous test of manhood that occurs in Vanuatu. In this ancient custom young men jump from a very high tree branch with vines around their ankles. A related practice applies to the famous 'Papantla flyers' of central Mexico, dating back to the time of the Aztecs. Modern rubber bungy cords are a lot more springy, safer, more reliable and less harmful to the jumper.

It takes a lot of courage.
It takes a lot of courage. | Source
Flying like a bird
Flying like a bird | Source
Flying like a bird
Flying like a bird | Source

Bungee Jump - Australia

This is supposedly how modern bungee jumping began and there have been over 1 million safe bungy jumps around the world at various locations/ In Australia there are many locations and all sorts of experiences including reverse bungy jumping (so-called 'Bungee Bullet') where the cords are stretched and when released they pull you into the air.

The major locations throughout Australia are in Queensland - the Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Gold Coast, in New South Wales -Sydney, and in Victoria-Torquay. There are alls sorts of ways of doing it. Some operators include water slides, diving boards and ramps for jumping with skateboards and bikes, which add to the excitement. You can pull-out at the last moment but most people that climb the tower, take the plunge. The rugged terrain of Australia makes it a much sought after destination for bungee jumping which is mostly down over water in a tank or river. Plunging from great heights, sometimes head-first with only an elasticised cord to break you fall is just perfect a unique adrenaline rush experience.

There are lots of packages available in Australia including Classic Bungy Jumps, Deluxe Bungy Packages, Unlimited Jumps, Bungy with Video, Tandem jumps. It is also a thrill to jump from a moving base such as a helicopter or hot-air-balloon. The thrill from the free-falling but the as rebounds are also very exciting.

Despite the obvious risks of jumping from such great heights, millions of successful jumps have been completed without incident since 1980, but there have been small numbers of injuries and deaths. The high safety record is attributable to bungee operators' efforts to set and maintain high guidelines and standards for their operation, including doubly checking all their calculations also all the fittings prior to every jump. Safety body harnesses have replaced ankle attachments to some extent to increase the safety level. These harnesses are often used as a backup for an ankle attachment.

The elastic rope mostly used in bungee jumping is braided or unbraided multiple strands of shock cord. The braided cord gives a harder, whereas the unbraided cords gives a softer, longer bounce.

Over recent years a number of variations have been developed:

Reverse Bungee, Bungee Rocket or Catapult - For this option the 'bungee jumper' starts on the ground.The participant is held in place, while the cord is stretched, then released and pulling the jumper up into the sky. This arrangement often developed using either a hoist or a crane which helps when lowering the participant to the ground. In some cases a 'Twin Tower' is used with two oblique cords.

Bungy Trampoline combines bungy jumping concepts with trampolining. The jumper starts on a trampoline, strapped into a body harness attached with two strong bungy cords to twin high poles, one on either side of the trampoline. This increases the spring and bounce for the participant. As the jump begins, the bungy cords are tightened, producing a much higher jump than from a trampoline without the bungee.

Bungee Running involves no jumping as all and is all done horizontally. It involves, running along a track with a bungee cord attached via a harness. The aim is to see far the runner can go before the bungee cord pulls he or she back. Lots of fun!

Bungee jumping off a ramp. Two rubber cords are tied to a harness around the participant's waist. The participants ride bikes, skate boards, sleds or ski before sliding down the ramp and jumping.


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    Myself Manik, lust 10yesr, I am attached with all the adventure related activities with various organization. Now I want learn Bungee Jumping and Hot Air ballooning, as trainer.

    Can you suggest me, your organization give me such king of training. If your organization, give this training, please send me all details with total expanses and times.

    Sir, I am really proud,if you are help me and forward me all details as soon as possible.

    Awaiting your positive reply.

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    nice hub :)

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    Too interesting and adventures too, Thanks.

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