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Australian Butterfly Houses, Farms and Sanctuaries and Wild Butterfly Tours

Updated on November 20, 2016
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The Best Way to see these Beautiful Insects

Some of Australia's most spectacular and popular tourist attractions are the live displays of butterflies and moths that are know as a Butterfly House, Farm, Sanctuary or Garden.

Tourists stroll through enormous butterfly aviaries housing clouds of the most beautiful and diverse collections of Australia's many thousands of spectacular butterflies in natural settings.

At these Butterfly Farms, Houses and Sanctuaries visitors can delightfully walk amongst the hundreds of butterflies, many of which will land on the visitors.

What better way to see and marvel at their unbelievable shapes, colors and beauty. You essentially become part of the world of butterflies as they gently flitter and flutter about and may often land on your hands, back, clothes, head, shoulders or arms.

Many Butterfly House faclities have expert tour guides to answer your questions about these beautiful and fascinating insects. They will explain the butterfly life-cycle and how they are bred and sustained in the butterfly facility, which dependenson supplying the correct and specific plant food for the caterpillars. Many of the butterfly farms dotted all around Australia have in excess of 20 species on display at any one time. There are butterfly houses at the full range of climates from topical to temperate on the west and east coast of Australia and in tropical North Queensland.

Not all species are on display at any one time because of seasonal differences with breeding times but most operators ensure that there will be excellent displays at all times of the year. Some of the butterfly houses and farms are affiliated with Zoos - for example the renowned Butterfly House located at Melbourne Zoo has bred over half a millon 500,000 butterflies and has spectacular displays right throughout the year. The Butterfly House has operated for more than 20 years with tourists delighting as they walk through clouds of hundreds of magnificent butterflies housed in an artificial tropical setting.

The butterfly populations are very hard to manage because most butterflies will only lay their eggs and feed as caterpillars on their own unique plant species. The operators need to be skilled in maintaining the butterflies themselves, but also in propagating the plants they require for their survival. The plants are grown in plots in special green houses and are taken to breeding facilities when the butterflies are ready to lay their eggs. After various times the eggs hatch into caterpillars, feed on the plants, pupate and are brought into the display facility when they are ready to hatch into beautiful mature butterflies. The adults may only live for several days and this heightens the difficulties that the operators face in always having a range of species on display.

Several tourist operators also offer seasonal Butterfly Watching tours. In this case you can see the butterflies in their natural environment. Butterfly Watching is often included as part of various wildlife and eco-tours as an extra attraction as particular times of the year.

Be sure you include an visit to one of Australia's magnificent Butterfly Houses, Farms and Sancturaries or take a Butterfly Tour to see the diverse range of butterflies in their natural environment. Contact the operators to discover the best times to visit.

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