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Australian Hot Air Balloon Rides, Flights, Tour Packages, Locations and Operators

Updated on November 16, 2016
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Enjoy the magical thrill, romance, adventure and breathtaking views from a hot air balloon flight at various locations throughout Australia.

You will join your group at dawn, when the winds are calm and rise gently at sunrise into the pink and red morning sky. You will pass gently over a variety of scenery enjoying the spectacular scenery of the city or patchwork paddocks of the land below. Then you will land gently after an enjoyable and thrilling flight, usually to a celebratory breakfast with your fellow travelers.

Australia has a wonderful range of experienced and professional ballooning operators in every Sate and Territory. The most popular hot air balloon rides and adventures are available in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

Hot Air Balloon Flights in Australia

You can choose to enjoy your Hot Air Balloon ride in a wide range of areas and locations:

Melbourne, Victoria

Experience the beautiful city of Melbourne as you have never seen it before from the basket of a hot air balloon. The gently moving aerial vantage point showcases the wonders of the high rise building in the CBD , the charming Yarra River and the array of suburbs, parks and gardens.

No matter which way you travel, depending on the winds, you will enjoy the views and the early morning experience that you will remember for the rest of your life, especially if it coincides with a special celebration.

Hunter Valley, New South Wales 

Enjoy thrilling and exhilarating Sunrise Balloon Flight over the beautiful Hunter Valley, north of Sydney. The picturesque Hunter Valley is famous for its vineyards and picturesque wineries and they is no better way to view them than from your suspended basket several hundred metres above the earth. You will meet your crew and fellow ballooners before sunsrise. After a quick morning tea or coffee you will receive your flight briefing and then you will be transported to the chosen launch site, as the excitement builds. The site for your flight and its path will depend on the winds prevailing on the day of your flight. If you like you can assist the crew with the inflation of the hot air balloon, or you can stand back and simply take photographs. Soon you will be up, up and away and enjoying the breathtaking views and great joys of ballooning. After about 45 to 60 minutes of drifting in the breeze over the hills, rivers, wineries, towns and vineyards you will return to earth and enjoy a champagne breakfast with your friends.

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory - Sunrise flights over the National Capital are held daily all year round. Launch sites are dotted around the city within a short drive from the central meeting place in the heart of Canberra. These magical dawn flights provided spectacular views of the Lake Burley Griffin, the Parliamentary Triangle, including the new and Old Houses of Parliament, the suburbs and bushland and the distant Brindabella Mountains.

Sydney, New South Wales - A magical and romantic Balloon flight is the perfect gift for any special occasion – whether it be a romantic engagement or wedding, anniversary, a birthday, or Christmas gift. The launch sites extending from Sydney Olympic Park, to the west of Sydney's CBD, to the foothills of the Blue Mountains in the Richmond and Windsor areas. The launch sites are chosen for the best take-off points for each morning’s wind conditions and directions. On all flights you will enjoy views to Sydney including the Harbour Bridge and Opera House and the famous Sydney Harbour. The views are simply amazing!

Camden valley - This area to the west of Sydney is renowned as one of Australia's top ballooning locations. It features stable weather, sheltered environs and beautiful farming surroundings that will guarantee a memorable flight for everyone. There are a has a number of hot air balloon launch sites all around Camden. The backdrop of the famous Blue Mountains and the Hawkesbury / Nepean River is especially attractive.

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Byron Bay, Northern New South Wales - There is no better way to see the sun rise on Australia's most easterly point, the beaches at Byron, than aloft in a hot air balloon with your family and friends. You will drift through some of the best scenery on earth above the beach and ocean with the backdrop Byron's majestic headland and lighthouse to the rugged foothills Mt Warning with its massive volcanic rim, and beyond to the Great Dividing Range.

Avon Valley, Western Australia - Enjoy and wonderful and exhilarating balloon adventure of an enchanting deluxe balloon flight as the dawn breaks in the picturesque Avon Valley. Your adventure begins near Northam Airfield and once aloft you will enjoy the glorious patchwork of colours in the Avon Valley with panoramic views of its rolling hills, lush green fields, vineyards and meandering streams.

Ballooning in the Outback - Your outback ballooning adventure starts in the crisp, cool darkness before dawn as you are collected from where you are staying in Alice Springs in Central Australia. You will enjoy an interesting drive through the desert to the launch site. Here you will meet the other guest and your crew as they are making final weather checks, explain the routine and safety procedures and preparing to inflate the balloon.All aboard and you are off rising gently into the early morning sky, just as the rising sun lights up the rugged MacDonnell Ranges. Once afloat and gently floating in the air you will really appreciate the vastness, remoteness and rugged beauty of the Australian Outback. You will see a variety of wildlife, particularly big red kangaroos, mulga scrub, spinifex grasses and cattle stations in the red soil of the region.

Cairns, Tropical North Queensland - Cairns is famous for its barrier reef, tropical rainforest and its warm weather, but there is no better way to see the gorgeous North Queensland sunrise and tropical landscapes than from a gently moving balloon. In the Cairns region, the best location for hot air ballooning is among the green rolling hills of the Cairns Highlands at a number of lovely locations near the town Mareeba, just inland from Cairns. It is too warm in Cairns itself and the Cairns Highlands climate is regarded by many to be the best for hot air ballooning in Australia, with the bonus of its unique tropical scenery. The local operators provide breakfast with your flight, and also offer transfers to and from your accommodation in Cairns.

Adelaide - The beautiful city of Adelaide in South Australia is known as the ‘city of churches’ and you will truly amaze at its serenity and beauty when you see it from the basket of a hot air balloon. You will launch in the early light and calm conditions of dawn and your balloon flight will last about an hour. You will glide gently back down to earth and enjoy a celebratory champagne breakfast, with photos and memories of this unique experience that will last a lifetime.

Yarra valley, Victoria - The winery district of the Yarra Valley is the perfect setting to enjoy all the thrills and the romance of a hot air balloon flight. This wine producing region has a spectacular landscape of rolling green fields with a patchwork of manicured vineyards, picturesque wineries and stunning mountain ranges. The scenery is dominated by the lovely Yarra River that meanders gently on its way to Melbourne. Enjoy a champagne breakfast after the thrills and romance of a hot air balloon adventure.

Meander Valley, Tasmania - Take a magical hot air balloon flight over the scenic Meander Valley in Tasmania with the magnificent backdrop of the spectacular mountain scenery of the Great Western Tiers. Enjoy getting close the landscape as you fly low just above the trees and enjoy the lofty perspective of the the country side below. This is a truly unforgettable adventure with a unique view of some of Tasmania's most spectacular scenery.

Go aloft! Spoil Yourself! Enjoy the Thrills and Excitement of a ride in a Hot Air Balloon!

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