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Australian Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Abseiling - Locations, Training & Operators

Updated on September 7, 2016
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John has traveled extensively has developed 5 website guides for touring Australia & Worldwide. John has developed travelers tips & tricks.

Australia has Excellent Rock Climbing and Mountaineering

Rock climbing, mountaineering and abseiling are very popular outdoor adventures and indoor sports in Australia.

There are many fabulous locations in all Australian States and Territories. Many graded locations are close to all major cities and towns. You can organize climbing tours to one or more of these locations or join various groups.

There are also a wide range of outdoor rock climbing training courses and indoor climbing facilities available where you can learn the skills required to climb safely.

There are many operators right around the country that offer various introductory training and rock climbing adventures are widely available at many locations with a variety of grades.

You can share the thrill, adventure, buzz and excitement of rock climbing and mountaineering with some of Australia's best qualified and experienced instructors.

Many adventure tour operators include abseiling and rock climbing in their packages.

Victoria, NSW and Tasmania are the best know States because they contain Australia's alpine areas.

Discover how to find the best locations and the various tour options for these activities.

Don't look down!
Don't look down! | Source
Safety is paramount
Safety is paramount | Source
Rock climbing is a great challenge!
Rock climbing is a great challenge! | Source

Great Locations

Victoria's best known climbing sites are at Mt Arapiles in the west, and the alpine mountainous areas around Mt Buffalo in the north-east. There are many smaller sites all around Victoria.

Mt Arapiles is famous worldwide, and it features over 2100 routes of various grades dotted at various point on a small rocky mountain that rises dramatically from an open flat plain near the Grampians in Western Victoria.

There are a wide range of grades and challenges available and it is close to accommodation and other facilities. You can eve drive right to the top of the mountain.

In NSW rock climbing in the spectacular Blue Mountains, west of Sydney is very popular and many operators offer group climbs and training is available at various venues.

On these abseiling, mountaineering and rock climbing courses you will be taught to use the various equipment and all the safety procedures.

Many operators offer preliminary training in indoor facilities. For outdoor climbing adventures will earn how to plan your route, find and safely use various handholds and footholds, establish and monitor the safety lines and other climbing techniques for climbing in groups.

Many packages are available that includes all equipment, food and refreshments.

There are many fantastic rock climbing and abseiling sites and operators throughout Australia that you should check out when you visit Australia.

© 2010 Dr. John Anderson


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