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Tips on Australian living working lifestyle in Australia

Updated on December 18, 2016

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Tips on Australian living working lifestyle

Today I am going to try giving you some local knowledge and insight into Australian living, working and lifestyle. So sit back and imagine if you will a time gone past.

If you can't tell from my profile I am lucky enough to live in Australia, so please bear with me as I come from the land down under. In Australia we do have a slower pace than many other countries around the world which is possibly why we often get called backward. However this appears to result in less violence and crime, considering Australia was a land settled by convicts.

Many people across the world lately have been saying to me over the internet and in phone calls how lucky I am to live in and experience an Australian living working lifestyle. Because I work hard at providing people solutions whether in person or through online marketing, I do not often get to enjoy the experiences they speak of.

I suppose I am lucky to live on the Gold coast. When I was younger back in the 1970s every year my family at least once took us to a little town on the gold coast just past tweed heads known as Hasting point. I always looked forward to visiting as it was the one place that would take my mind off of just about anything. We used to walk the endless virtually pristine beaches of not only Hasting point but also Cabarita and Pottsville. We had no luxuries like indoor plumbing. We lived on what we caught which was mainly Trevally, Whiting and (Mullet caught on bread chunks.

Back in those days our biggest worry from our family was did we have enough sun block on. Mow days with all the different problems in the media I would hate to guess what it is. Though I do feel more safe here in Australia than possibly anywhere else.

Working in Australia, well what can I say. I started out working as a teen earning pocket money and ended up with 3 jobs for a few months in various fields. Right from a child I always loved was and still am fascinated by 2 things computers and cooking so I headed down the chef path investing around 8 years into studying and various cafes, restaurants and clubs. After a while I ended up starting a couple of solutions businesses and have since not looked back.

Speaking of cooking I have a sweet tooth so my favourite dishes are desserts. My all time favourite is Pavlova then cheesecake, then Anzac biscuits, then Lasagne. In case your interested more of my favourite stuff can be found in more detail at my profile.

I would say that if you were looking to move to Australia your best choice of work to obtain is in the catering industry. Start low as I did unless you have special qualifications or skills and work your way up. On the other hand the technology industry in Australia is starting to take off, with the advances of the internet and online technologies. I am fortunate enough to now combine both of my passions and work from home online most of the time, the rest of the time I am enjoying cooking video games or studying. One thing that I am confused about is the fact that one online business I have has a strange amount of Google searches for strange words such as Mesotheliona.

Because I am my own boss I usually get to do what I want. Take this morning for instance I was interested in brushing up on hubpages so I read the info at and info from This I feel will help me become a better member of Hubpages giving me more insight on the what how where and when to be able to help more people like you out.

So as you can see work is pretty much like work just about anywhere else on the planet. Now before I get censored on the fact I am rambling (please see above). Anyway the general Australian lifestyle is pretty much like you see on TV on some shows such as Neighbours and the like. We are fairly laid back with a team spirit kind of attitude. In Australia we are usually related by relationships, love, workmates or more often than not friends to which we often love to give advice.

I have mainly travelled the east coast of Australia and found the people to be more often than not quite friendly and willing to lend a hand when needed. I would say the best time to experience the beaches would be early mornings late afternoons and on weekdays during early Autumn and late spring. If you go at any other time you would usually run into thousands of other people.

I know this is not the most comprehensive guide to Australia, but a few good tips on the Australian living working lifestyle. If on the other hand you want just the marketing side of without any heart or soul Australia just lookup most airlines.

Thank you for reading to contact me or see more of my info visit at australian solutions I hope to see all your smiling faces one day here in Australia.

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