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A walk down memory lane with Sky 9106

Updated on November 3, 2011

Enjoying West Indian music

A walk down a musical memory lane with me. Sky 9106

I grew up on a tiny Island the Caribbean named Grenada.

Cant remember the quantity of times in the last thirty five years on

my arrival to this country, I was asked. Where is that Granada?

Close to Jamaica?

My saving grace was in my reply, and somehow it worked I would

say it’s 90 miles to the south of Trinidad and close to Venezuela,

and it worked.

During the seventeen years I lived there on that Island Paradise

the chief source of revenue for the Island was Agriculture and Tourism l

ife was in a word, what others could not see in their own Birthplace,

they came to see in mine, and it was a pleasure, to show them around,

answer a question or two, and that's usually by accident because it was

because one simply don’t get caught to often in the streets that is where

the Tourist would be before heading to their different sightseeing tours

for the beach, and as I grew to know what some Tourist really came for.

Well, to each his own. But they were quite welcomed.

The Prime Minister at that time was Sir Eric Mathew Gairy.

Whom I also met briefly and that was for obvious reasons. The size

of the Island and his knowledge of most of the people, that was including

my parents.

That will be another discussion, because this one is about

Calypso and Reggae music

Which was the two dominant sounds at my time and I can only predict

that they still are..

Now though there were local musicians and artists from the island,

from the very best of my recollection, the crème de la crème of the sounds

came from Trinidad and Jamaica in both reggae and calypso.

In Trinidad however there lived a vast quantity of Grenadian who went in search of work

during the early times, Trinidad’s economy was at its very best,

because of their oil revenues and those Grenadian who migrated there,

did very well, and is quite possibly still doing well up to this very day.

There was a certain closeness and in understanding during those years,

they were united in many ways.

The best of which I believe was Sports and music.

Now I share with you in a real west Indian style, so sit back, and enjoy.

Two of the greatest .

The world renowned “king of calypso” who happens also to have been

born in Grenada, is the Mighty Sparrow, and here he is.

Another of those great calyspsonians and one of my favorites is the Mighty Shadow he sang a variety of of great songs and like the Mighty Sparrow he is still alive today doing their thing.

Here is the mighty Shadow :

The Mighty Shadow.

I am not making any promises , but I promise to keep those who enjoyed this something quite special . let me know with your comments.

Blessings Thank You.


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      He He He lol Laughing my soc off he he he well you are the one that's always exploring .

      Music be the food of all understanding he he he .Enjoy.Thanks for listening.


    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Of course i can't understand a word because i only know english, but i love the beat. I'm groov'n in my chair, and my feet are tapping the floor.HEE HEE ..Thank you Shy..Cheers