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Awesome Things You Can Do In Roxas City The Seafood Capital of the Philippines

Updated on January 2, 2016
Cadamihan River Tour
Cadamihan River Tour | Source

You are more than welcome to experience what this city has to offer. The ample amount of marine life has made Roxas city well known for it's delicious selection of sea foods. Hence, earning the title as being "The Seafood Capital of the Philippines." The city is one of the most abundant fishing grounds of the Philippines making it one of the most popular tourist destinations for foreigners and locals alike.

Roxas City, is located in the vicinity of Panay Island. The travel time from Manila to Roxas is about 45 min by plane and 18 hours by sea. I came from Iloilo City, which is located just about South of Capiz. In order to get to Capiz, there are three options to travel. First, by air; second, by bus, and lastly, by private car. Travelling by land can get you from around 2 to 3 hours.

Beautiful Cadamihan River
Beautiful Cadamihan River | Source

Cadamihan River Tour

One of the most popular tourist attraction in the city is going to the Cadamihan River. But, this isn't just an ordinary river. How would you like to devour delicious sea foods while floating in the middle of the river?

I was quite surprised at first when I heard my friends say that "we'll eat in the river." Because, this was my first time hearing about this tourist attraction in Roxas City. The first thing that came into my mind was "Oh, another boat ride." But, it isn't just an ordinary boat ride. The tour can take exactly 2 to 3 hours approximately and about 10-15 people can be accommodated in one restaurant-like-boat (I don't know how they call this one actually, but you get the picture) and you can enjoy the luxurious experience of dining delicious sea foods midst the wonderful nature you can find in your surroundings. In addition, while waiting for your food to be exceptionally served while you're out in the river, a tour guide would be with you to give you a little history lesson.

The river was once quite dirty, but, with the aide of numerous people who were more than willing to lend a hand, it made the river to what it is today. Beautiful and clean. That time, we were quite lucky to be able to come to the river because, normally, it would be jam packed with a lot of tourists. In our case, it was so peaceful and quiet, we could enjoy the beauty of what nature had to offer.

Sta. Monica Parish Church and A Replica of The Largest Bell in Asia
Sta. Monica Parish Church and A Replica of The Largest Bell in Asia | Source
The old Spanish well
The old Spanish well | Source

Santa Monica Parish Church Home of the Largest Bell in Asia

After we had our exceptional scrumptious lunch at Cadamihan river, we had taken the liberty of visiting one of the oldest churches in the world that dates close to half a century. Personally, I don't take in much interest on the whole historical monument tour, but, when I happen to see the building for myself, I was amazed at how something so ancient can gravitate my attention towards it. The building was really old and is made of red bricks so old that you can see cracks and mold indicating how it withstood the test of time. I can't help but feel so nostalgic.

This church is home to the largest bell in Asia weighing over 10 tons. The bell is located at the top of the church and can only be seen if a tour guide is present. There is a replica of the steel bell parallel to the entrance of the church if people cannot climb the staircase up. To add, people can request a picture from the tour guide and even have the chance to ring the bell, if permitted.

At the back of the church, there is an old Spanish well that dates back similar to the church. People can enjoy taking pictures with the well and read about its historical facts provided near the vicinity of the well. In addition, people are encouraged not to dispose their garbage inside the well.

Delicious Sea Foods
Delicious Sea Foods | Source

The Most Delicious Sea Foods You Can Eat

As mentioned, Roxas city is quite famous for the abundance of marine life. In addition, dining delicious oysters along side the beach is one of the thing tourists look forward to.

A wonderful selection of freshly harvested crabs, oysters, and scallops can make your mouth water. A bucket full of oysters can cost you around 80 to 120 pesos or $2US Dollars at any restaurant you visit.

So, if you're looking for to find a new trip destination, let Roxas city be in your list. Bask in the sunshine, enjoy the cool breeze at night, enjoy a simple drink while lounging or walking in our carcoaled colored sand. And most of all, enjoy watching the sunset while eating inexpensive sea food and enjoy the beauty of what nature has to offer.


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