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Aymara Tribe Bolivia

Updated on June 25, 2013

Although Aymara tribes are getting older their culture is now well-known to the large popularity around the world. Bolivian inhabitants and the most cultural preserved Indian tribe in Latin America is living in another time and another place. They think of future as the past and so everything that comes tomorrow doesn’t seem to surprise them, conversely, they wait and enjoy every moment till they rich the time were they were born.

Aymara tribe is one of the largest and well-popularized tribe in the world. Just as any other nation in South America they were conquered by the Spanish conquistadors in the XVI century but they are the ones who haven’t given up their culture, their identity.

Large cities and small town in Bolivia are inhabited with different people but the main population comes from the tribes. When I say tribes you shouldn’t imagine African naked women or wild Amazonas, Aymara are just as any modern person except for language, traditions and clothes. And, indeed, they wear only national clothes and not only for a holiday but in everyday life. Altogether there are more than 2 million people who live in Aymara of Bolivia.

They managed to preserve the language and even now Bolivia has 2 official languages: Spanish and Aymara. They are the ones who didn’t let the world largest fast food corporation McDonalds survive on their market, the trick was that no one ever showed up, they believed it wasn't good for them and they didn’t fall for it so McDonalds had to leave, marking Bolivia the first country in the world they couldn’t stay in.

Aymara believe in sun and they believe in Jesus. They did combine the opposites and made it very easy to understand. The people are working and children are studying, they are pretty poor but they live the way they want.

When you come to Bolivia be sure you respect all traditions, try to feel them, connect. Never mind the loud speaking and crazy dancing just join the crowd and feel free as a real Aymara.


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