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Azores – North Atlantic’s Hidden Jewel

Updated on November 20, 2013
Azores | Source

Azores Islands is said to be full of wonders, which is why it is considered as a treasure of the North Atlantic Ocean. It is located 900 miles west of Portugal and 1, 200 miles southeast of Newfoundland. This place is not very much populated as it is very remote to most people. In fact, it is an independent region of Portugal comprised of nine volcanic regions that are clustered together.

Azorez' oldest city of Angra do Heroísmo's Port


cobble-stoned street of Azores


Although Azores Island is not so popular to a lot of people, it has a tremendous marine life and beautiful natural landscapes. It also has the most captivating beaches, which offer the best spot for sailing, surfing, and swimming. The most popular activity in the place is star-gazing and nature watching. If you ask anyone about how distinct it is from the mainland, you will most likely to hear, “You know you are in Azores when you breathe the air."

The archipelago has so much to offer to those who are lucky enough to visit it. It would be wiser for anyone to begin an Azores' adventure from the Eastern island of Sao Miguel. Aside from the wonderful views, this island will also greet you with striking landmarks, lava walks, and perpetuating cobblestones.

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Azores, Portugal

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Azoress composed of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Furnas' famous hot springs


Furnas spring water



One of the best things that will truly capture your imagination is the civil parish of Furnas, which features a spectacular view of the mountains. When you reach the place, you can relax in their famous hot-springs. If you are touring with a group, you can enjoy a simple picnic with boiled eggs and potatoes. Since you are free to do anything, you can also dig on the ground and try cooking meat or fish from the volcanic steam. After excursing the area, you may head out to the lake and find yourself a spot to relax and enjoy the scenic view of flowers and wildlife.

Kayaking in Sete Cidades famous lake

How prepping up for kayak feels like


Sete Cidades

Also known as the Seven Cities, this tourist destination is another praiseworthy wonder of nature. If you reach the place, you will find the most scenic twin lake of all the islands. It is perfectly situated within the volcano’s crater creating a bone-thrilling yet pleasurable feeling to visitors. You would also be delighted with the settlement and fields that surround the impressive crater including lovely flowers known as hydrangea.

Aside from the lakes, settlement and fields also surround the impressive crater including lovely flowers, which are mostly the famous hydrengea. You can hike all the way to the crater to take some photographs, which will surely be bursting with vibrant colors. Some resorts in the area also offer great kayak experience around one of the lakes, so you can enjoy your tour to the fullest.

The captivating view of Sete Cidades' twin lakes, which you certainly cannot resist


Cliff jumping


Ponta de Ferraria's refreshing bay


Ponta de Ferraria

Located at the easternmost part of Azores is the beautiful beach of Ponta de Ferraria. Technically, it is a hot spring in the ocean which is something you will find quite rare. According to researchers, its water comes from a spring within the sea bed so it normally hot. Visitors who visit Azores would always drop by this beach just to see its unbelievable wonders. The ocean’s swimming area has already been refined with certain improvements to remove the massive rocks. It now has safety steps, walkways, and ladders to make tourists convenient and happy. For those who love to feel an adrenaline rush, you can dive into the high cliff and find your way into the hot ocean waters.

Azores is not just a magical place for locals and foreigners, it has always been considered as a dream destination for almost all of the people in the world.

Ponta de Ferraria Beach's iconic view from the top


Fast Fact

Azores used to be a top supplier of quality oranges to the mainland but a devastating disease wiped out their plantation. There are some places in Azores though that have preserved their industries and you can visit some of them, most especially the island of San Miguel.

Tips when visiting to Azores

  • Always book a reservation before going to Azores so that you can have a wonderful spot once you reach the place.
  • Travel light and check your things before leaving.
  • Make a phone call or email the hotel where you have booked to confirm that you are coming.


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      4 years ago

      This is amazing. I want to visit them place someday. I have ancestors that came from there!


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