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Black Goldrush, Twilight Zone, Boomtown North Dakota, Harold Hamm's Oil Boom

Updated on February 9, 2017


I wouldn't fret too much over who is the next President of the U.S. Harold Hamm is single handedly solving the energy problem. He has 205 rigs working near Williston North Dakota, with 3,000 wells drilled, and 10 to 20 more years of drilling is expected to provide 45,000 wells. Good-bye Middle Eastern oil? It is possible. 7,500,000 barrels per day is the upside.

There is a gigantic unemployment problem across America, and Continental Oil is hiring hundreds of workers in the Bakken Formation, in northwestern North Dakota. Also, hundreds of truck drivers, construction workers and many other trades and professions are making $25 to $40 per hour, in the boomtown of Williston, which is the center of the largest oil drilling discovery in 50 years. Trainees who can pass a drug test, have able bodies, and common skills, are making $25 per hour to learn how to work in the oil rigs. The USGS has reported that over 500 billion barrels of oil are possible, and may be more. This is 8 times the projected oil of the Middle East. Get hired ahead of time, bring an RV pulled by a 4WD vehicle, get some sub zero gear at a mountain climbing store, a 40 degrees below sleeping bag, and lots of True Grit, and get out of the depressing situation of the worst depression since 1929, for a new hope for your life..

There is not a lot of social life yet in Williston. The local countryside looks like a Siberian wasteland, but the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and Little Missouri Grassland are close by for hiking, wildlife photography and observation, and bike riding. Also, the legendary Missouri River flows by Williston for boating in the summer and fishing. Lewis and Clark did not know that one of the largest oil deposits in history sat miles below their moccasins.

And there is TV. You can watch old Lucille Ball, The Big Valley, The Rifleman reruns for high entertainment and laughs. You can join a bowling league. Some workers who are making $120,000 per year, are investing in the new homes that are under construction by the week. Bring your wife or a large Teddy Bear for comfort and warmth. Bring all of your outdoor gear, fishing and hiking boots, and a used bicycle. Also bring a George Carlin C.D. for comic relief, you will need a good sense of humor, to survive the 40 degrees below on some days in the winter. Summers are Midwestern climate, and Roosevelts National Park is worth the trip.

The male to female ratio is worse than Tombstone in the Old West. Women are being hired as school teachers, deli managers, and nurses, at the local hospital, by the hundreds. The large amount of men unsettles some of the ladies. The weather is not conducive to high heeled shoes, but summer time is not too far off.

Those who have lost all hope finding a job in most cities and towns in the U.S., have huge hope and opportunity in this black gold boom town. It reminds historians of Virginia City Nevada, when Mark Twain arrived to strike it rich investing in gold mining stocks and companies.

There is nowhere exceptionally nice to spend your earnings, so savings are a distinct reality. You will be too tired and hungry at the end of an 80 hour shift, to be bored. Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke hasn't been hired yet since most men are too tired to drink, commit crimes, or fight. An old TV, DVD player and hundreds of old movies, could be a major attraction in one of the "man camps". You could charge $1 per worker to pack in 10 men into your trailer, to watch reruns of the Rifleman. That $10 will get you 2 gallons of gas soon, unless Harold Hamm is allowed to keep drilling. He drills miles below the water aquifers, and the EPA is coming out with a major report in 2014.

There will be thousands of stories to tell grand kids in 5 to 10 years. Harold Hamm is onto something huge, the next New Big Thing, and it is real, and it is black oil, the new boom, the new Black Gold Rush in the Twilight Zone. It may help us out of the black hole, called war in the Middle East, with the loss of young Americans, trillions of dollars wasted, which is the outrage of the century. Oil is the hub of the international wheel of commerce. It is too bad, but it is true.


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