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Updated on August 21, 2013

Lush and Colorful

The Texas Bluebonnets Have Arrived

You can tell that Spring has arrived in the area. The trees are filling out with a beautiful light shade of green. The grass is changing from brown to green and the Bluebonnets are blooming everywhere. These gorgeous wildflowers are not as prolific as they have been in past years due to the lack of rain, but they are worth seeing.

Bluebonnets Off The Bike Trail

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The Brushy Creek Trail Bluebonnets

My husband, an avid mountain bike rider, took these photos along The Brushy Creek Trail. This popular hike/bike trail runs between Cedar Park, Texas and Round Rock. He rides it on a regular basis and was pleased to find the Bluebonnets thriving in the wild.This trail winds its way through fields, creeks and woods, ending in Round Rock with a cement trail along Brushy Creek Road.

The Brushy Creek Trail

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Scenic View of The Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is a mixture of flat land, rocky hills and lakes. You will find a mixture of this terrain on the Brushy Creek Trail. Hidden along the path you will see patches of the beautiful Bluebonnet flower, creeks, rocky trails, and trees. Because both runners and bikers share the path, proceed cautiously around corners!

Bluebonnets in General

Bluebonnets are found on many major turnpikes and roads in the Texas Hill Country in the months of March and April. These flowers are often seeded in mass along roadways with other local wildflowers to create colorful areas for travelers. As the Spring grasses get taller, the bluebonnet patches grow full and lush with color. As the sun warms the ground in the month of May, the bluebonnets shrink in the tall grasses and grow pale, dissipating in color and volume.

You can also find these luscious flowers in fields, along city streets, and on school grounds. They are extremely popular in this area of the country. In the past few years, bluebonnets have been marketed in different colors. i have seen white and pink varieties in local nurseries.

The Drought and Its Effect on the Wildflowers

Last year the Bluebonnets were especially beautiful. The rains began in the Fall of 2009 after a lengthy drought. By the Spring of 2010, our lakes were full and the grounds moist for the Bluebonnet crop. The Bluebonnet crop did well. By summer, we were once again facing drought conditions with rain levels lower than normal. The dry weather has continued and once again, we are facing a Summer with low lake levels and an extreme need for rain. Unless it rains soon, the bluebonnets will not last long. They thrive with cloudy cool days and occasional rain.

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A Trip Worth The Effort

If you have never seen the bluebonnets in the Texas Hill Country, they well worth the trip. The mild Spring weather is especially nice for travel. Come see us. Don't miss the Bluebonnets!


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    Brigitte Thompson 6 years ago from Austin, TX

    Great Hub