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Traveling with a Baby, A Mom's Guide

Updated on July 3, 2013

Things to Bring

What to bring really depends on the age of your baby and how you will be traveling. For example if you are traveling by air and you have an active 6 month old you will pack plenty to keep her entertained, fed and happy to avoid any crying fits on the plane. If you are traveling by car you will want to do the same but you will have the option to stop and take a break if needed.

Most babies will need a diaper bag full of the usual diapers, wipes, toys and snacks, again depending on the age. If traveling by air remember that airlines are famous for losing luggage that is checked so always pack as if you are going to need to survive for a couple of days out of a carry-on with your baby. As shown in the video, this mom doesn't take any chances and uses one of her carry-on bags strictly for her baby's clothes, food, meds and diaper supply. This way if those checked bags are lost for a day or two she is prepared to dress, feed and diaper her baby.

Usually a full baby is a happy baby so lots of snacks are a great idea. I overdid it when we traveled and had snacks to take home after an 11 day stay at Disney World.

If you are traveling by car you can bring equipment like pack and play beds, larger toys and equipment that you can use to feed, bed and entertain your baby upon arrival to your destination. By air you will obviously have to limit what you bring and make sure that the hotel or other accommodation that you are staying at will have the appropriate equipment you will need when you get there.

Tips for Traveling with a Baby

Clothing, pack for the weather. Remember where you are going and what the possible weather is going to be and where you will be coming home to. You will want to pack clothing for all possible conditions as well as what you will be doing on your vacation. Swimming diapers, plastic pants and bathing suits for pool time etc....

Food, pack what you can and remember that you can in most cases buy more when you get there. You have to decide if it is more practical for convenience and finances to pack all the food and formula that you will need or to buy it when you arrive.

Toys, for older babies toys can be a lifesaver to keep them happy. If they have a favorite toy remember to bring it. New toys are perfect to keep your baby occupied. Introducing a new exciting toy on a trip will keep the boredom factor to a minimum. Plan on having several on hand to keep things fresh and interesting.

Travel times, When our children were babies we tried to plan travel around sleeping. Nap time is a great time to travel. Leaving at 4am was a trick of ours. We would put them to bed in comfy clothes and transfer them from their bed/crib to the car and take off allowing several hours traveling before they wake up... Sometimes this can backfire. You know your baby so do this at your own risk. :)

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    • mepperly profile image

      Shelly Epperly 5 years ago from Vancouver,WA

      Great Idea... airbnb is a site to rent homes and rooms too.

    • knoleskine profile image

      knoleskine 5 years ago from Barcelona

      Swapping homes would be an ideal way to travel with your baby! It's comfortable since you have a home with all appliances and you can also travel! :) There are several sites, could be a possibility to consider!