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Backpackers hostel in north shore Oahu surf trip travel guide, where should I stay thats cheap on my vacation to Hawaii

Updated on October 10, 2015

Backpackers Hostel on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii is a landmark in this small tight knit community. I have stayed at Backpackers for a combined total of at least six weeks.

If your a bodyboard, an good place to review and find which fins are the best ones for you is a site called Fin Bin, its a great swim fin resource.

There are three locations all within close distance of each other. It is located just south of Foodland grocery store and next to Sharks Cove beach right on the main road that runs through town. A five minute walk south is Waima Bay and a five to ten minute bike ride lays Log Cabins, Off the Wall, Backdoor, Pipeline, Rocky Point, Sunset, and V-Land (in South to North order).

Here is the real situation of the place. There is a mixed bag of people that go there. The majority are surfers and bodyboarders. Then there is a minority of drifters and people that have enough money in there pocket that day to sleep on a bed for the night. Truthfully, you have to worry about both people. You can pay more for a private room but most are shared with bunk beds. Most are good people there but there are definitely sketchy people that stay there. Things get stolen so keep that in mind when you pack; don’t take any thing that you would be devastated to loose.

It is $27 a night to stay there. It is inexpensive and easy to find so it’s a good place to start out at for your first season. It’s a good place to start out at when you’re new to the north shore but you don’t want to end up there. After a while of being on the scene you meet people and can networking to find a cleaner and safer place to stay.

Ideally you want to either get into an existing place that your buddies are renting or rent a studio or 2/3 bedroom house. If you split it up with a couple of friends you will pay $30 to $40 a night but it’s worth it to have a place that’s safe and clean and to live it up on your surf vacation. It’s like in college, the first year to live at the dorms and then you meet people and go rent a house together.

Somewhat of a hidden option at backpackers hostel for the long term and thrifty visitor is to clean the rooms for a free stay. You have to be put on a waiting list to have this position. People that do this will stay there months at a time and so getting your foot in the door may be hard. If you are interested in this, call the office before you get there to be put on the waiting list.


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