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Backpacking Australia- Fraser Island

Updated on February 16, 2016

About Fraser

Fraser Island is a massive deal among backpackers and for good reason, it's breath taking beauty and unique experiences are something definitely blog worthy.

Situated a couple of hours north of Brisbane and just off the coast of Rainbow Beach this gem is easily accessed. Most backpackers will head to Fraser Island on a tour, either day trip/1 night/2 night before continuing either north to Airlie Beach or south to Brisbane. This really is one of the big three tours that all backpackers should go on.

Lake Mckenie

Things to see:

-Maheno Ship wreck

-Eli Creek

-The Cathedrals

-Lake Wabby

-Lake Mckenzie

-Lake Birrabean

-75 Mile Beach

-Central Station

-Indian Head

-Champagne pools

All of these attractions will be included in any standard three day tour, though day tours will likely miss one or two of these spots due to time restrictions. It is the worlds largest sand island after all.

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Where to stay:

Tours really are the only way for a backpacker to stay on Fraser Island, here are some of the best.

-Nomads Fraser

-Cool Dingo

-Drop Bear Adventures


-Sun Rover

-Fraser Explorer


Eli Creek


It should come as no surprise that the night life here on Fraser Island revolves completely around backpackers. There are a few bars located at the few hostels that cater solely for people on tours. Designated camp areas also provide a more primitive social atmosphere, no shirt no shoes and a bag of goon is normal. Drinks are byo mostly except if you walk into a bar of course. Parties happen every single night, every 3 days the guests turn over so the bars here are always full, offering cheap drinks and don't mind when things get a little out of hand.

All tours will have a night life that is completely dependent on the current guests, travel with friends to ensure you have the best possible night life and experiences.


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