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Bahrain Car Rentals

Updated on October 18, 2009

Bahrain Car Rentals

If you are visiting Bahrain and are thinking of Renting a car, then you will be wondering how to get the lowest price for your Bahrain Car Rental. I will try to help you solve this problem with the following text.

Most of the major car rental companies have a presence in Bahrain with local partners, they are suplimented by local ar rental agencies. It is also a good idea to confirm what driving licences are required to rent a car, the rules change from time to time so confirm with your car rental company but generaly GCC and International driving licences are approved.

Collecting your Rental Car.

Most people arrive in bahrain at the Bahrain International Airport, which is situated to the North of Bahrain on the Island of Muharaq. If you are going to rent a car on arrival at Bahrain Airport all the major car rental firms have offices in the Bahrain airport arrivals hall. So you just come out of the customs hall and turn right and the car rental offices are facing you on the opposite side of the hall. All you have to do is go up to the counter and give them your booking referance. They will then proces your papers and give you the key to your Bahrain Rental car. Most of the rental cars are parked outside at the end of the terminal building. Don't forget to check that your car has no dammage when you collect it.

If you want to rent your car at a later date it is possible to Rent a Car in Manama and Isa town.

The Cars

As is usual with rental cars they are normally less than a year old and well maintained. Different types of Rental Cars are available from small econamy cars through to luxury sports cars and 4x4's. The important thing that you do want is an a/c, which will be standard but make sure that it works, and try to get one that does not smell of smoke as smoking is still common in Bahrain.

Driving in Bahrain

In Bahrain you will drive on the right hand side of the road, as in Europe. The road signs are in English And Arabic and roads are normaly well sign posted with clear directions. The driving is OK by Middle East standards, though if you are not used to driving in this part of the world can seem a liitle stressfull at first.

Car Rental Return

You should be able to return your Rental car at the airport or downtown. Your Bahrain Rental Car company should be flexable in this regard.

I hope that this helped so next time you want to rent a car in bahrain compare all the leading car rental companies.


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