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Baldi Hot Springs La Fortuna, Costa Rica - Traveler Review

Updated on October 27, 2012

Baldi Hot Springs Hotel and Spa

Tickets to Baldi Hot Springs

I traveled to Costa Rica during the rainy season (Fall) and made it a poit to go to one of the most popular hot springs in the Arenal volcano region. Baldi Hot Springs is a Hotel, Hot Springs and Spa in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. The city has many natural hot springs ranging in price and amenities to consider.

Baldi Hot Springs is one of the more expensive of the Hot Springs. If you stay at the hotel, access to the private springs is included. If you would like to visit for the day, you can purchase a day pass at the desk of the hotel (around $50 US) or in town. Travel companies in the town of La Fortuna may have cheaper ticket prices than the hotel desk. With the day pass, choose an included lunch or dinner buffet. The buffet is most often a typical Costa Rican meal (rice, meat, beans) and one other non-traditional option (like pasta and salad).

What To Expect and to Bring

Locker rooms are available to change into your bathing suit. Bring flip flops to wear around the property. The springs are divided up into several different pools at different temperatures. One towel per person is included in your ticket price, but a locker rental is an additional $10.

During the rainy season don't be discouraged to visit. The temperature is still warm enough to enjoy the springs and some areas are covered.

This spa features two water slides at one pool so children may be around but it is not very noisy. Near the hotel reception area is a pool-side bar in one of the pools that is not too hot.

Inside Baldi Hot Springs

There are many hidden coves for privacy and a steam room.
There are many hidden coves for privacy and a steam room.
Bring flip-flops. The paths between pools are rocky.
Bring flip-flops. The paths between pools are rocky.
Swim-up bar in the reception area.
Swim-up bar in the reception area.

About the Pools

If you are not accustomed to hot springs or pools, some of them may be too hot for you. With over a dozen hot springs pools you will be able to find more than one to suit you. Pools have different depths for soaking or even laying in the pools.

The hot springs are naturally fed from the volcano so don't expect the water to be treated in the same way regular pool water is treated. Shower before and after you visit the springs.

With many natural hot springs in the La Fortuna area, Baldi is one of the most expensive and the most touristy. Free natural hot springs are available and a secret of locals. However, these are to use at your own risk and the temperature may be very hot. Bladi Hot Springs and hotel does not have a good view of the volcano and you will not see any wildlife with the exception of an occasional iguana. If you want a resort-style experience, Baldi would be for you.

How to Get to Baldi

Baldi Hot Springs and Hotel is not within walking distance of the downtown area of La Fortuna. You can take a taxi from other areas of town or your own hotel. Expect to pay $5-10 in a cab ride to Baldi from different areas of La Fortuna. It is located just north of the town at the base of the Arenal Volcano.

Many tour packages include Bladi Hot Springs along their stops. If you book one of these, your transportation to Baldi and tickets will be included. However, you will have limited time at the springs during a tour package. For the cheapest visit possible, buy your tickets at a tourist center in town the day before your visit and take a cab there from your hotel. The area is very hilly so riding a bike may be exhausting when traveling around the Arenal Volcano region.


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