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Bali, Indonesia - Places to See

Updated on July 23, 2012

Batubulan Village


The Batubulan Village is an agrarian village sustained by ledge stone carvings. This village is well known locally, nationally and internationally and therefore the village has grown popular as a tourist destination with a Tourist Cultural Object and relies on its artistic potential, strategic position and its open village network.

The village is situated about 8 km from Denpasar. The word "Batubulan" means "Moon Stone" (Batu = Moon & Bulan = Stone). The village not only boast about their stone carving art but also about their daily Barong Dance, which represents the never-ending battle between good and bad.



Gianyar is the center of Balinese culture and hosts on of the island's best reserved palaces. Unfortunately the palace is closed to visitors.

Gianyar boast with villages such as Batubulan Village, which is famous for their stone carvings and Barong dance, Celuk, the centre for Bali's gold and silversmiths, Sukawati, famous for their art market, Mas, which boast with their wood carvings and Ubud village, which is known as the cultural centre of Bali, hosting the Puri Lukisan, a Museum of Fine Arts and the Neka Museum together with daily dances such as Legong, Ramayana, Baris, Kecak and the Fire Dance

Many other great villages can also be found here that hosts or are famous for many oher Bali cultures.

Gunung Batur


Mount Batur is an active volcano in Bali and is located north west of Mount Agung. The first documented eruption was in 1804 and the volcano has been active since then, frequently. The eruption can be characterized by mild to moderate explosives and are sometimes accompanied by basaltic lava emissions. The stratovolcano of Batur is about 700 meters tall and rises just above the surface of Lake Batur.

The surface of Mount Batur contains two villages namely Kedisan and Toya Bungkah from where the locals mostly rely on agriculture. Tourism has grown due to the relatively straightforward trek to the summit of the central crater.



Kuta was a former fishing village and was one of the first towns to experience great tourist populations. With its beach resort, long sandy beach, a variety of restaurants and bars, varied accommodation and the fact that it is located near Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport, Kuta has become of the top tourist destinations in Bali.

On 12 October 2002 it was the site of the First Bali Bombing in which 202 people died and also on 1 October 2005 the site of the Second Bali Bombing in which 26 people were killed. Kuta also boast with the Bali Bombing Monument dedicated to the 202 people that died in the First Bali Bombing. A annual celebration known as the 'Kuta Karnival - A Celebration of Life' are held to mark their commitment in a nine day long event to establish a memorial for the lost lives and paying respect to the ones who left loved ones behind.

Nusa Dua

Grand Mirage at Nusa Dua Bali
Grand Mirage at Nusa Dua Bali | Source

Nusa Dua is the provincial capital of Bali and is situated about 40km from Denpasar. Nusa Dua boast with the Pantai Geger, which is the public beach with its white sand beach. The Pasifika Museum is also located in Nusa Dua and hosts arts of Bali, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. Here you will also find paintings and exhibitions of European artists that made Bali their home. The Serangan Island (a.k.a. The Turtle Island) is an marine conservation area. The locals keep the turtle eggs in traditional conservation houses until they hatched after which they release the youngsters on local beaches. You will also found other reptiles, birds, snakes and bats on the island.

With the Nusa Dua Golf and Country Club, Alam Alang Bali Spa and the Spa Sekar Jagat, one will not want to miss an opportunity to visit this Nusa Dua when you are touring Bali.


Pura Besakih

The Pura Besakih hosts many Bali Hindu temples and contains approximately 28 to 38 temples (pura). The Pura Dalem Puri (Temple of Palace Ancestors) is devoted to any beloved deceased of any family member while the Pura Penataran Agung (The Great State Tample) is the centre of attraction and contains 3 shrines, which entrhones the Trisakti (Trinity)

Neka Art Museum


The Neka Art Museum boasts with its unique collection of foreign artworks by Balinese, other Indonesian, and foreign artists that was inspired by the beauty, life and culture of Bali. Due to its high quality collection, the museum servers as a source for inspiration, information, research and education. Here you will find a better understanding for the Balinese culture while, at the same time, it offers the future generations of Bali to develop their place in the national and global communities.

Bali Photo Gallery

Map of Bali, Indonesia


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      Saurabh Gupta 5 years ago

      I must agree with all the places, each and tourist of Bali is Fun loving and of course must visit. It is the beauty of of nature, pleasant temperature, beaches and temples which attracts me and every Indians. Here are few destinations which I added in my Itiniraty during a trip of 2 weeks. Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana, Bali Orchid Garden, Uluwatu Temple, Karangasem Grand Palace, Kuta Beach and Ubud. All places here: