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Bali Top Places of Interest

Updated on September 25, 2012

Bali is crowned as the most beautiful island of the world. At least according to the version of US Magazine Travel&Leisure Bali is the top island followed by Galapagos Island in Equador and Kap-Breton-Island in Canada at rank 2 and rank3.

Bali has everything one needs for an exotic holiday!

1. Beaches

Bali has many white-sand beaches with palm along the way kissed by warm tropical waters. Perfect for a short or long holiday, honeymoon, wedding or family holiday. You can do many things on the beaches. Each beach has its own characteristic. All in all your options range from snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, rafting, sailing, parasailing, jet skiing and easier activities such as walking, strolling, sunbathing, or dining out/ chill out at beach restaurant. Notice that Bali beaches are considered dangerous for inexpert/weak swimmers due to its strong riptides and undercurrents.

There are also many accommodation opportunities around the beaches within foot distance. Bali hotels are also nominated the best hotels in the world.

Famous beaches are: Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran Beach, Legian, Lovina. All fit under exotic beaches criteria.

Another attraction is Waterbom Bali in Kuta, on 3.8 hectares tropical land with many action rides, and facilities such as water bombing, lazy river, jungle ride, boogy ride, boomerang, water wave, etc. Whether children or adult, you will find your favorites.

Don’t forget to use high-protection sun cream, as it is very hot especially on the beaches. Due the wind it is possible to get pretty bad sunburn without noticing it.

Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple Rock
Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple Rock
Besakih Temple
Besakih Temple
Goa Gajah, Cave Entrance
Goa Gajah, Cave Entrance

2. Temples and Caves: Tanah Lot, Besakih Temple, Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), Goa Lawa (Bat Cave)

Bali is called also island of thousand temples. These are a few popular ones:

Tanah Lot: it is believed to be a work of 15th century. Tanah Lot Temple sits on a large offshore rock on Balinese coast. It I a most very popular tourist temple. Tanah Lot area is commercialized, tourists have to pay entrance to get to the temple.

Besakih Temple or also called Mother Temple in Besakih is Bali’s biggest Hindu temple built in 11th century. It is standing 1000meters (3000feet) high at the slope of Mount Agung.

On the drive ways you will see many beautiful rice terraces, one of the islandmarks of Bali.

If you make a one day tour to Besakih Temple (in Bali you will find numerous offers on day tours with cars plus driver/guide and gasoline for about 35-40 bucks per day or per 8 hours), on the way back you can also stop at the Bat Cave where thousands of bats hanging from the walls. It is not for me though, as I haven’t like these animals so much, not to mention the strong smell in the cave. J I was one time there when I was a child, but the last 2-3 times I went to Bali I skip this.

Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave: this cave is a heritage from 11th century which was founded again at 1923 and got fully excavated 30 years ago. The name Elephant Cave derived allegedly from the figure at the cave entrance which was thought to be an elephant. The cave is located a steep valley at Ubud Bali.

Batur Mountain Lake
Batur Mountain Lake
Bedugul Lake and Temple
Bedugul Lake and Temple
Bali Rice Terraces
Bali Rice Terraces

3. Landscape, Mountain and Lake: Kintamani Village with Batur Mountain Lake, Bedugul Lake, Paddy terraces

Batur Mountain Lake: it is also worth to spend overnight there to either watch the sunrise or sunset at mountain, or mountain trekking. It is 1717m meters above sea level. The mountain is an active volcano. Its crater is seven miles in diameters and six feet deep. The mountain is an active volcano. . A fantastic panorama that you can also watch from the Kintamani Village.

Make sure it is about good weather. The last time I went there it somewhat raining in Denpasar, and as we got to the mountain it was too foggy to enjoy the great view.

Bedugul Lake: Bedugul Lake is also perfect for water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, canoeing, banana boating (just to mention some). For those who enjoy quiet less adrenalin sports, you can also do fishing there. I prefer jet skiing rather than fishing.

A temple called Ulu Danoe you will also view from Bedugul Lake.

From Bedugul there you can take a look also Kebun Raya Bedugul (=Botanical Garden Bedugul) where you can see many kinds of exotic flowers, orchids and vegetables.

Rice Terraces: is one of Balinese island marks. The well-built stepped terraces show you the exotic emerald green of paddy agriculture of the island. Bali rice terraces has track over 2000 years ago when the farmers started carving the stepped terraces out of steep hill. Popular rice terraces sites are in Ubud. You will see many rice terraces on your way travelling around as you can find other famous sites in Pupuan, Jatiluwih, Tabanan, and Tirtagangga.

Bali Landscape with its mountain, lake, green rice terraces, thousands of temples, warm temperature all year long, is giving you exotic feeling everywhere you are.

5. Art and Handicraft: Celuk (silver jewelry) and Mas (wood carving), Pengosekan (Painting), Batubulan (stone carving), Batik and Sarong Bali (many shops offer batik from Java and Bali, its has special dyeing characteristic and colorful design)

On a per capita basis, Bali probably has the most accomplished artists & craftsmen in the world. To the Balinese, personal artistic achievement is part of the religious experience. (Howard Hillmann)

Bali Safari Park Gapura
Bali Safari Park Gapura
Bird in Bali Safari Park
Bird in Bali Safari Park
Monkey Forest Temple
Monkey Forest Temple

4. Flora and Fauna: Monkey Forest, Birdpark Batubulan

Bali Safari Park: a huge 40 hectares land is a home to hundreds of animals including rare and endangered species. It is a beautiful place with education and conservation purpose. It is featuring big animals like elephants, camels, tigers, cheetah, zebra, lama, orang utan, just to mention some. You can ride a bus tour inside the park and watch the wild animals with the ambience of African Savannah.

Birdpark Batubulan: there are over 1000 birds from over 250 species include rare beautiful Cendrawasih (bird of paradise) and Bali starlings. It is a two hectares land with tropical plants and singing birds. Besides, it has also non-native Komodo dragons.

and Rimba Reptile Park which is located next door to Birdpark offers you about 20 species of turtles, phytons, crocodiles, and more non-native Komodo dragons.

Sacred Monkey Forest: located at south of Ubud. As the name already says, you will see many monkeys there. They are mostly long-tailed macaques. Currently approximately there are 340 monkeys living there at the Monkey Forest. Be careful, they are very quick picking up your stuffs such as hats, glasses, from your pockets. In the middle of the forest there is one small temple. Within Balinese Hinduims, monkeys can be positive or negative. Those who are in Monkey Forest are protected by Balinese as they believe the monkeys can be guiding the temple site.

Barong Figure
Barong Figure

6. Culture and Religion: Rituals and Ceremonies, Bali Dances

Balinese dances are entertaining and spirit enriching.

Traditional Barong is a classic performance depicting a fight between good Barong (a lion-dog creature) and evil Rangda (widow witch). You can go to Batubulan to watch the performance. Batubulan (which means moonstones) is a center of textile, woodwork and stone carving. It offers also numerous crafts and antique shops.

Kecak Dance or also called Monkey Dance is one famous Bali dance which is a very quick non-stop dance without musical accompany. It is supposed to be used to scary away evil spirits.

Other interesting Balinese Dances: Legong Dance, Pendet Dance

Rituals and Ceremonies: there is nearly no day without ritual and ceremony in Bali. Most Balinese believe that there is spirit in everything. In every cycle of life there are special rituals they still keeps for example on birth, wedding, and death. One special traditional holiday in Bali is called Nyepi Day or Day of Silence, where for one day Balinese stay at home with family and friends and do nothing. Basic rules are: no fire, no work, no travelling, fasting and no revelry/self entertainment. The ritual begin at 6.a.m on March 19th to the next 6.a.m

Waisak (Birthday of Buddha) is also celebrated in Bali by few Buddhists on the island as majorities are Hindus. There is a huge celebration at Borobudur Temple where thousands of pilgrims come to pray together at the famous temple in central Java.

7. Shopping and Night Life : Kuta Square!

There are many shopping places in Bali, but my favorite is Kuta Square. There you find everything, from shopping houses, restaurants, café, hardrock café to discopubs. I find it very beautiful at night with all the lights on the streets. It is one busiest area and very famous in Bali. It is nearly a must to see for all young-spirited tourists.

8. Restaurants:

Seafood, Western, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian Tandori Chicken, Italian Pizza and Lasangna, Mexican Enchilada, German wurst and beer, Austrian Wiener Schnitzel, Hong Kong Dim Sum, Japanese Sushi and Shabu-shabu, Greek slouvaki, Thai Tom Yam, MacDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, you can find them all in Bali.

If you love seafood I can recommend the Jimbaran Seafood Restaurants, you can eat at the beach with sands on your feet on a breezing wind, night lights and exotic live music next to your seat, you may watch beach sunset while dining, Isn't it romantic?There are plenty of restaurants at jimbaran beach so you wouldn't be lack of options.

Babi guling (roasted suckling pig), Bebek betutu (roasted duck in banana leaf) ala Balinese are also very special and worth to taste. Oh I am getting hungry.. I would like to go to Jimbaran this time ordering grilled fishes and schrimps, and es kelapa muda (young coconut iced drink)

Last but not least, I am wishing you an exotic holiday at paradise island Bali!


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    • profile image

      Mario Lawatu 3 years ago

      I love Bali island very much. I have visit this island many times and I still love it. I mostly used to help me in exploring this lovely island.

    • profile image

      Hendry 4 years ago

      Tulamben and Menjangan are the best place for snorkeling and scuba diving in Bali. You should try it :D

    • profile image

      balidogen 4 years ago, located in Nusa Dua - Tanjung Benoa Bali, with the park on either side of the restaurant will add comfortable

    • Anna Sternfeldt profile image

      Anna Sternfeldt 5 years ago from Svenljunga, Sweden

      Yes, Bali is very special. I don't know any place I ever visited (and it is pretty many) that have such beautiful houses as Bali. I have lived there a couple of months during two occasions, I rented a house in the rice fields outside Ubud, which was great. So I will for sure advice others to do the same. I also advice people to support some of the local projects for less privileged people (some people are very poor) and also BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association) who is helping the dogs who have a pretty bad life in Bali. I think that if we can afford a nice holiday, we can also afford to give something back to the place we visit. I have written short stories about different dogs I met in Bali, they made such an impression on me. I look forward to next time I can visit.

    • profile image

      ADI 5 years ago

      Well,, seems like you did enjoy your stay in my island. Come again and invite your friends to visit us. We serve you with exotic experience. Cheers.

    • profile image

      SS 6 years ago

      Gr8 organised description - was looking for the same. Would be of good help to me. thx

    • sjb1983 profile image

      sjb1983 6 years ago from Bali, Indonesia

      Very nice! Although it's getting a little spoiled now with rubbish and pollution...:S

    • profile image

      Nomor Satu 6 years ago

      great article on bali. thanks for making my research a breeze!

      I have been throughout Indonesia several times, and lived there once for an extended period. I would say your top choices are on point - although you might consider Sulawesi as Indo's best beach destination, and Kalimantan as its best jungle destination.


    • myequatorial profile image

      myequatorial 6 years ago from Miracle Island

      Yess, Bali Island Really Island of God

    • Denistrip profile image

      Denistrip 6 years ago from around the world

      yeah lombok is also really great, not to mention sumatera

    • travellvr profile image

      travellvr 7 years ago from Ngledok, Mantingan, Indonesia

      yup Bali is truly "pulau Dewata"...

      but Indonesia not only Bali, there are many amazing places that must be visitted..

      keep share....

    • profile image

      Bali Guide 7 years ago

      I went there last year with my friends and enjoyed so much.... Its a nice place...

      Thanks for info...

    • profile image

      Bali Guide 7 years ago

      I went there last year with my friends and enjoyed so much.... Its a nice place...

      Thanks for info...

    • profile image

      Bali 7 years ago

      Nice hub bro... I love bali and your information is usefull for me :)

    • profile image

      Charlie M. Sianipar 7 years ago

      A paradise on the east, every day is sunday in Bali.

    • susantoandre26 profile image

      susantoandre26 7 years ago

      I love it that much.. Bali is Paradise .. Lombok is 2nd of Bali. See my hub.. I have other interesting places in Indonesia, Likes Lake Toba, Borobudur Temples, Bunaken National Park, Komodo Island, etc

    • bekaze profile image

      bekaze 8 years ago from Germany

      hey chendra, in fact :) i am planning to go to Bali again this year. greetings.

    • chendra profile image

      chendra 8 years ago from Sydney

      Wow.. you and I should go together to Bali! Bali is always my escape! Love Bu Oka too! hey, check out my hub

      I got a lot of food photographs there!

    • profile image

      Alan 8 years ago

      Thnaks for the cool info. There really is a lot to do in Bali if you can handle the heat? Lots of fun and adventure to be had!

    • azik profile image

      azik 8 years ago from Kediri, East Java, Indonesia

      Nice hub. thanks for sharing. may be one day you want to try climbing Agung Mountain in Karangasem. It would would be great adventure but make sure you do it on dry season, April - september.

      Enjoy it.

    • profile image

      jacky 8 years ago

      Nice hub i like it

    • kraji profile image

      kraji 8 years ago from Slovenia

      Nice hub, hope to visi Bali soon and other places in Indonesia.

    • Bail Up ! profile image

      Bail Up ! 8 years ago

      Thanks for offering a peek view of this beautiful island. I would so love to visit Bali someday.

    • profile image

      sean 8 years ago

      anybody know where to eat ayam/bebek betutu in lovina near the resort which have dolphins? thank you

    • bekaze profile image

      bekaze 8 years ago from Germany

      Thank you all for commenting.

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 8 years ago from Guwahati, India

      The display by You-Tube has made the article lively and excellent beyond expression. Thanks for sharing.

    • agusfanani profile image

      agusfanani 8 years ago from Indonesia

      One's life won't be complete without visiting Bali.

    • febriedethan profile image

      febriedethan 8 years ago from Indonesia

      Wonderful hub, Bali is great. I have tried the roasted suckling pig it's delicious :)


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