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Famous Places to go in the City of Las Pinas Philippines

Updated on May 1, 2017

An Overview

The origin of the city's name is really not clear. Some says that it comes from the word "piña" (pineapple) as it became the trading center of pinapples at that time. Some says that it was previously called "Las Peñas" which translates to syndicates. Another would be from an inscription made in an old church bell from the Las Piñas Parochial Church saying "Cura-del Pueblo de las Peñas el M.R.P. Padre Diego Cera se Fundio este equilon ano de 1820" which translate to "Cura-being of the People of the Peñas M.R.P. Father Diego Cera equilon was merged this year to 1820". Perhaps, as time goes on, the spelling changed from Las Peñas to Las Piñas. This shows how the Spaniards influenced on naming the city.

The city became a "City" from being a municipality last March 26, 1997 after President Fidel V. Ramos signed the declaration on February 12, 1997, approving its cityhood. The city is divided into 20 barangays.

Historical Corridor
Historical Corridor
Bamboo Organ
Bamboo Organ
Nature Church
Nature Church

What to see in the City of Las Pinas, Philippines

There are a few places where to go if you visit the city of Las Piñas in the Philippines. Being a multi-awarded city in the Philippines, this city sure have a lot of interesting stories.

Here are some of the interesting places you might want to check out:

  • The Bamboo Organ - this is the most popular place in Las Piñas. This was brought in the Philippines by Fr. Diego Cera in 1795 during the Spanish Era. The organ is currently located in St. Joseph Church.
  • The Nature Church - this church was built with nature's resources and was designed by Bobby Mañosa. This church is surrounded by a beautiful garden and was built in a mango orchard and is located in Moonwalk Village.
  • The Las Piñas Corridor - this project was initiated by the city's officials to restore and preserve old historical landmarks in Las Piñas. This is located in Zapote to remind a significant battle against the Spaniards which happened at the Zapote Bridge in February 16, 1897.


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      Please give me the contact person and tel. no so I cn make a reservation for our educational tour this september 2010 at the Bamboo organ. Thanks