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Bangalore - 7 Yes

Updated on February 20, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

A Bar in a 5 Star Hotel.


Things change for the better but what happened in this month is something most disgusting,young men and girls in all types of face masks and dressed in Jens and shorts carrying placards demanding their rights to be homosexuals.This supported by the High Court judgement misunderstood.The Law Minister stating some blah,blah all very disturbing to elders,priests,pundits,moulas and every other religious heads.Our constitution having some section 377.The fact unknown to us about this section 377 till now.This is not a change but a unnatural bit of a short time disgusting but to few degenerated men and women of unknown parentage perhaps rejoicing to be rejected by many.One man asked me on the Internet what was my problem.I asked him to cut it and drill a hole.That my Bangalore had such people was a big puzzle to me.

My memories of my days when I was a teenager was just food and fun with few spices of few things boys do care but don't act.Today any girl is dressed to make men stare at them and not to decently go about like few girls that we see.The next thing is prostitutes dressed as college girls waiting near colleges with books in hand and would get in the car which would stop to enquire the direction to a place.You would also see them near the railway station if you care to wait outside the station.That all this technique is used to make a living is perhaps better than begging.There may be another section which if taken out would make this prostitution legal who knows.

The most surprising fact is married women taking up this activity with out the knowledge of their spouses.They have their cell numbers with many hotels and would come in driving their cars.This perhaps is in other places but it was definitely not in my Bangalore in my memory in my good old younger days.May be this is due to the fact that Bangalore has grown in all directions in 360.

This is the gray side I feel.The real slice in our city is our pubs and food courts.The vada,dosa and idli served in small banana leaves with chutney and a cup of sambar,the masala dosa being served smelling of pure ghee.The filter coffee with it's smell even out side the restaurant.Road side Bhajis in chillies or capsicum served on paper.Chats made by local kanadigas.Belpuri served in conical news paper cups.Hot American Corn mounted shining stainless steel trolleys served in paper cups.Hot Chips and plenty of fried eats in every corner of busy roads,may be it's so in Mumbai,Delhi or Kolkata also but this south is the real place for you to get the spice that has a touch of home made eat perhaps or for a good feast to your short eat avoiding your regular meals.

The Big Restaurants have a Brand name Like M T R the 100 year old establishment with ready to eat food packets in every variety be it north or south,east or west the only place frequented by all Indians.The ADIGAS for their west coast taste,The Adiars serving Chenai confused mixture of food that is neighter Indian nor Asian.The Andhra Nandini serving heaps of Rice with hot sambar,rasam,vegetables and variety of powders and pickles.The other places like a Japanese restaurant,Korean restaurants are all their if you wish.Bangalore has changed indeed,the politicians were not behind these people mentioned they changed the name as Bengaluru.

Bangalore Wine Festival.


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