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Bangalore to U S A why.?

Updated on August 7, 2014
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Our first visit was to see USA.

Our son who was in USA called us to come as he was fully occupied with his work and was not having time to make his yearly visit to see us.He was so busy that he simply sent the money and told us to make our initiatory and buy the ticket.Our daughter was studying also at USA and had gone there in the year 2001.We had to see her at the university where she was studying and also teaching in the same university.

Our first job was to get a passport and 15 years ago it was the job of a travel agent to arrange all the formalities and give us tickets to visit those places that we wanted to go.The travel agent did all the work once we submitted the required documents and we got our passport and visa delivered just by visiting the travel agent.The initiatory included a stay at Buffalo to visit the world's wonder ' Niagara Falls 'we could not visit the Falls due to us being the first time visitors and a stay at any place was mandatory to be the place where we had a known person living at that place.We enjoyed our visit and saw few places and our next visit was not made for many years.

We thus had the opportunity to visit two states and many other places where ever we went it was beautiful.No city in India could match any state or place that we saw.

We went again to USA as our son and daughter were there.

Our daughter was living in Atlanta and we had to go there to see her and of course this great city where Mahatma Gandhi of America Martin Luther King lived.We stayed there very near to the place where the great American writer lived and a President of America Lived.This is a place where an Indian can see what a city should look like as also few more places of this beautiful country.CNN studio visit was very interesting and we now know that our TV studios are a copy of this and perhaps other TV studios.The world's largest Airport and the a train to go to retrive your baggage was another marvel of American Civil Engineering show piece that extends to many places in America.

My First Visit to California.

Our First Visit to USA.

I never thought in my school days that one day I might visit USA.That thought was nagging in my mind but my financial budget never showed a up word trend.It was only possible when my son went to USA that he called us to visit him.30 years ago a PASS PORT & VISA we could get from the travel agent itself so we landed in San Francisco and entered my son's beautiful 5 bed room and stayed there for 3 months.The only discomfort for me and my wife was weather too hot in day and cold in the night.We were not used to sleeping in heated rooms and only in the day we traveled as many places as our son took us.The day journey was always in a A/C car and we could manage this car weather not the natural weather.Every place we went in California was so nice we went near RAMBO's house thank god he was not at home.I had never seen any studio where they make films and our visit to Universal Studio was very impressive.There was some road where no traffic was allowed and the full road was for walkers to enjoy and get entertained to their heart content freely and in an atmosphere so very friendly to a visitor.Why in India at that time there was no road was because India was 100 years or more older than America.The British were kicked out of America while they were still ruling our great country.We are free now but still 100 years to catch up and it looks like we may catch up starting from the year 2014 if America is still in crisis financially and out sourcing every thing to other country's and driving big cars spending money in island resorts.A Big Change expected has never come except politics which earlier was different.I wonder why America must not invest in India and work here where they can have as many domestic helpers as they want and live like billionaires sitting in there own American made cars.

  • They the Americans can invest in:-
  • Textiles.
  • Movie Making.
  • Aero Technology in making parts.
  • Auto Industry.
  • Soft ware Industry.
  • Hard Ware Industry.
  • Technical Textiles.
  • Home Constructions Like KOTO technology.
  • Road Making.
  • Hospitals for Americans only.
  • Hospitality Industry in Tourist Places which would be like Mobile Homes.
  • Rural Development.
  • Fishing
  • Sea Foods.
  • Cold Storage.etc,etc
  • Telecommunications.
  • Animation Movies.
  • Cell Phone Manufacture.
  • Sports Needs.
  • Ammunition for our Police.
  • Transport in Sea.
  • Transport in Road for heavy vehicles for people like Bus Trains.
  • Surgical Instruments.
  • Home Depots.
  • Medical Equipment's..
  • Musical Instruments.
  • Packing Materials.
  • Beauty Products.Etc Etc... which of course are made in India but yet some of them they go out to do things that are not cost or quality worthy and not trust worthy.Keep most unhygienic working conditions and employ child labor which of course would be stopped by some politician who is starting for a change in India.America politicians must know this person and try to take advantage and stop their ego for for the good of their future children and future world leaders not by bombs but by their present baby's.

Our Daughter took us to Atlanta in our second Visit.

Our next visit was again sponsored by our son as he had taken much time to see his sister was comfortably settled during her stay while she was studying.

Our daughter had now married and was working for a Bangalore based company and was staying with her husband who was also working and both of them had rented a home and we now had two homes to shelter with free boarding and lodging plus sight seeing freely we now went to see Atlanta GA where we had our relative a daughter of my brother.

Ex President of India Jimmy Carter was from Atlanta and there was a replica of his office as President here.I was very much interested to visit this place as in India no president has ever made any museum of his and a replica of an office of his in the state where he was born.The reason being who will maintain the museum when this president is no more and neither the state govt nor center govt will care a damn about such a place.Except the very first few presidents no one has built a perfect picture of the stature of past presidents like Mr.Rajendra Prasad or Mr.Radha Krishna.All presidents stayed all for themselves without even allowing the people he represented to meet him one in a month.

At California one should not miss visiting these beauties.

Our previous Visit was Atlanta.

Please give your Vote.

What is Bad in Atlanta

See results

At Atlanta.

Home of Author of the Book " GONE WITH THE WIND "Margret Mitchel. who wrote the book in this house.( B M W Maintain this House )
Home of Author of the Book " GONE WITH THE WIND "Margret Mitchel. who wrote the book in this house.( B M W Maintain this House )

How did you like Atlanta.

If you have visited Atlanta how did you like it.

What was the beauty of the place as your first choice.

Where all did you go.

What Impressed you most.

What made you feel sad.

What made you feel bored.

What made you jealous.

How did you like the food that is pure vegetarian in Indian Restaurant.

How did you like the Restaurants.

Which Restaurant served best Indian / American Meal - Lunch / Dinner.

How did you like the Mexican Food.

Indians going to Atlanta.

Going by Air
Pack 2 suit case each with a total hightXlength X Breadth which must add up to 62 inches only.
The weight must be exactly 32 kgs.
Cabin Baggage must be 12 Kgs Only.

Homeless People.

We stayed very close to the Big Bank of America building.Walking on the road we saw lot of people and they were black people who I was told were homeless.That was a big surprise to us and it kept us depressed.Why such a big nation had homeless people and that too they had to stay inside a heavy woolen blanket all the time on the side walk or some other place as they could not get admission to the place located to give room to such place.

What we saw in our First Visit.

  1. Homes so big we could not count the windows.
  2. Homeless people huddled in some places under a woolen blanket.
  3. Mexican Restaurant.
  4. Huge Parks.
  5. Huge Lakes.
  6. A shop where old clothes worn by American Solders were sold.
  7. Most friendly people.
  8. A small town so well maintained.
  9. The place where Abraham Lincon was shot in that theater.
  10. Furniture shop which we had not seen with such papers.
  11. Grill Parties in Park
  12. Funeral procession so long with Identical Cars.
  13. Burnt Textile Mills
  14. Cruz Ship.
  15. Many others in so many places such as the university,downtown etc.

History of Atlanta.

We were told the fight between north Americans and South Americans took place here.That it was the birth place of American President Jimmy Carter.A replica of his Presidential Home.That ATLANTA was a capitol of economic and cultural Development.It was a city where people were so busy even to hate some one.It was in Atlanta that one saw to day the legacy of civil war. It was having the world's longest Airport.1996 Olympics was held here.Atlanta Ranks 15th in world City's as a economically progressive state.It is the primary transportation hub of southern America.It ha CNN the world famous T V broadcasting complex where we can see Larry King.Military General Sheman ordered the army to burn Atlanta.

Burnt city of Atlanta.

Margret Mitchel Home.

We saw the home of Margret Mitchel the Author of "Gone With The Wind" maintained as it was by one of the leading Auto maker in the world if such places are maintained by Big Industries we will have our heritage monuments maintained at no expense by the Govt.saving billions of dollars to the country.

We also saw the remains of the ship TITANIC maintained here.

I saw Pink Panther here in Atlanta.

Margret Mitchel.

Capitol of America.

Most of all our daughter took us by plane to Washington and we stayed in BEST HOTEL a very memorable journey as the whole place as far as our eyes could see was so clean and so beautiful and our visit to the Presidents White House ( Out Side ) was very Impressive.

George Washington - Won the War and Liberated America from British.

I can't tell 200 years history of White House in my Hub.

My Wife in Washington - On the wall Pictures of Past Presidents of USA.


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