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Sanctuaries for Trees.

Updated on November 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

I have traveled few places and saw few Parks.

Having traveled many places in India and few places in America my interest as a Bangalore'n is to visit parks where ever I go.Unfortunately where ever I went I saw very beautiful gardens but did not take my camera and could not take pictures.Now that I have my armature camera which I take in spite of objections from my family some times and if there are number of people it is not advisable to take pictures as few persons may object and would want to see if I had captured their picture for some motive that they suspect.Where there are none or when there are none I take the pictures and I do not worry what my family says.

Bangalore is called as Garden City.Like wise New Jersey in America is called as Garden City.If I take pictures of both the places and put it here in this Hub you will notice the difference between the two city's and wonder who names a city as Garden City.The people who might visit New Jersey can only dream of Bangalore looking like New Jersey.They may have the money and power to change Bangalore like New Jersey but they cannot change Bangalore to look like New Jersey.

Today's youth stand under a tree waiting for a Bus or if it's raining.Most of the present century generation of youth in India do not know what kind of a tree they are standing,they do not even look up to see if the tree under which they are standing is the same like another tree they see next.You can name a tree but no one can pronounce the name of the tree or remember the name.Once when I was a young high school volunteer for "World Conference on Atomic Energy" in Bangalore a visiting prof.on the subject wanted to see Bangalore the "Garden City" he was given a Car with me and my friend to take him around Bangalore as we were going we first hit the Avenue of Trees near Fort High School and here the visitor wanted to know the name of the tree which perhaps not seen bulging with the size of a elephant trunk tip.I looked up at my friend as I was not knowing its name my senior friend thought for a moment looked up and said it is called "Elephentrunkticatipica" he perhaps thought any botanical name must end with 'ca' and coined the word "elephants trunk's tip" ending with'ca'.

Today's children must study Botany to know the name of several trees but they do not study botany nor search it in Google just to enrich there love for the tree these children of today just want a girlfriend. It is truly said and is truly there is a place where Buddha wanted to meditate. He told one his monk to find a place for all of his monks and himself to do meditation..His disciple monk knew how such a place must be and searched .The place he found was perfect It belonged to a Prince it was his beautiful garden so he went to one of his towns richest man and said please promise me that you will buy the place for my Buddha.This very rich merchant knew Buddha and thought of Buddha and his simple ways of life and knew Buddha would only eat what was offered to him in his bowl.Thinking it was his prestige to get the place which may not cost high he promised to buy a place if the monk can select it.The monk said he had already selected it and took him to the place.He asked who is the owner of this land.The the monk took him to the Prince.This very Rich merchant asked the prince to please sell the beautiful garden.The prince asked him do you know the price of this land.The rich merchant told him to tell the price.The prince said the value of this land is a sheet of gold over it.The merchant said he will start doing it from the next day and started placing gold all over the land.The Prince was seeing it daily how gold was going on getting on getting laid all over his garden day by day and when it was half laid and covered the prince told the merchant its OK that's enough you can take the land.That Land is still there some where in India as Buddha.Meditation center where over 1000 monks meditate daily today.The Merchant had sold all his belongings and when he got up next morning he had nothing to take to the place.He went to his back your saw the manure and took a bag full to the garden he started putting a fistful of manure to each tree sampling that the prince had planted.One of the monk saw it and asked him what he was doing after filling half of the the garden with gold. The rich merchant said he would like the garden to grow so more monks can pray under Thus the rich merchant was doing it daily to the Buddha's New Meditation Center.A service that no one does with such intense desire.Such selfless service recognized by Buddha.

To day millions of trees are planted but there is no body to maintain. I had planted more the a 1000 tree sampling in a textile mill where I was the General Manager. After my retirement I went to see how many had come up, it was perhaps 100 trees only.The mill was closed because of poor miss management and miss production planning.That was a Govt Mill.

Where are the Sanctuaries for Trees.

  1. India is a land of herbs and trees of medicinal properties from the days of Adam and Eve.However we do not know why there cannot be sanctuaries for trees in a country which has not taken advantage of planting trees in regions that are congenial to the growth of these trees as for example:-
  2. Sandal wood Trees. - Sandal Wood Oil World's famous..
  3. Peepal Tree - Bodhi Tree - Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under this Tree.
  4. Tulsi Plants - Sacred plant and its leaves have herbal quality - Tea is also made.
  5. Arjuna Tree - Lord Rama's Wife favorite Tree.
  6. Ashwagandha Tree.- Ever Green Anti Ageing Drug manufacture by Ayurveda.
  7. Eucalyptus Tree.- Ever Green Tree for its Oil & Viscose Fiber in Textiles.
  8. Rose Wood Tree - Best Furniture.
  9. Khair Tree. - Dental Problems cured.
  10. Kikar Tree - Used in Paper Making.
  11. Sal Tree - Hindu's and Buddhists worship this Tree.
  12. Cork Tree - Medicinal Tree.
  13. Teak Tree -Used for costly furniture.
  14. Neem Tree - It's known as Miracle Tree cures any type of diseases.

There are vast lands lying under govt control but the state govts do not do anything on this govt lands.There are also so many herbal plants that are grown by private parties and govt does not look in to this critical aspect that we must have a Herbal Tree & Plant Sanctuary. I happen to see a tree sanctuary in New York

Where are the Tree Sanctuaries in INDIA?
There are private Herbal Plants but it is private used in the manufacture of Ayurveda Medicine.

Pure Drinking Water in a Park in USA.Have you seen any in Bangalore Parks.

No cups only Lips.
No cups only Lips.

Are all Parks in India have Drinking Water facility.

  • We have many Parks in Bangalore from a small Park to Biggest Park but no drinking water.
  • We have many Parks by a Lake side but there is no drinking water.
  • All Parks are maintained by the local Govt in the respective State and the authorities who are responsible to maintain these parks do not visit any park.
  • The local politician is made to look after the Park.
  • What do we see in the Park only poor quality of maintenance and place with junk materials.
  • There is no safety or security in the Park after dark.
  • There is poor lighting inside the Park.
  • The water fountains do not have water.
  • There are Hawkers selling Junk Food.
  • The Park has no walking Track or Jogging Track.
  • The Park is locked after dark.

How Many Wild Life Sanctuaries are their in INDIA

Is their a Book on Wild Life Sanctuaries published by Govt.

See results

Why go to Kerala.

  • Kerala is clean place.
  • There is 100% literate people - Only State in India to be so.
  • There are Ayurveda Centers in Resorts and Home Stays.
  • The people of Kerala are very intelligent and courteous.
  • Its a Land over the sea and it was under the sea earlier.
  • It's a God's Own Country they Say.
  • People are beautiful / Handsome.
  • Sea Food is the Best here than anywhere in India.
  • Only State where there is no prohibition after Indipendence.
  • Life Expectancy best in the world.
  • Disease Free State - No one dies before they get any disease that has no cure.

A Place Under Himalaya to stay and get young.

Ayurveda and Herbal Drug Manufacturing Plant at Pathajali Yog Peeth at Haridwar,Himalayas.


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