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Bangkok Nightlife and Entertainment

Updated on July 21, 2011

Temple near Suriwong

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The nights out I never forget

Remember - Never take some one for granted, Hold every person close to your heart, Because you might wake up one day and realize, That you have lost a diamond, While you were too busy collecting stones.
Due to too many temptation I had already lost a few diamond while busy collection stones. But now I have learn to let go my collection and keep the one and the only diamond for myself.

After my first few trips to Bangkok never been out to night entertainment place. But finally one night after my meal at the hotel...... I was at the lobby and the bell boy ask me "First time in Thailand? Where you want to go sir?". He told me about massage palace very good good. I reject him but later he came back again, "You want to go bar? Drink Drink and talk to lady?" " Agogo bar? lady beautiful ! want to go? only look no pay, just pay for taxi, I bring you and OK?". I stare at him with no chances to talk back. "I bring you, no worry, I work here is safe for you, you want to go?" With my second thought .... why not? he work here and if anything happen I'll look for the manager. And my journey starts to begin ...........

Journey to Patpong

The door man name "Boy" at his mid 30's ask me to wait 30mins after his shift over and will bring me to a nice place. After 30 mins he came, and we walk out of the hotel and there is a taxi already out there waiting for us. I fell a bit uncomfortable but I just keep smiling, he open the door, I when into the taxi and he pick op the front seat and told the driver "Pat Patpong Khrap". Our journey begins, the traffic that day wasn't that bad except a little bit of rain. As we start to approach the destination, Boy said " Sir 100 baht khrap, for taxi" I look at the meter, oops not on, shit my brain I said " What? sir" Boy asked " Never mind 100 baht" I gave to him. As the taxi approach, my eyes are wide open in my heart holy molly is beautiful many lights, street stalls girls smile and waving at me in the taxi. Can believe whether I am at the right place. Finally the taxi stop, Boy came out of the taxi quick and open the door for me, why a good service never had that in Singapore. We were at the suriwong road and start walking down to the corner "The Pink Panther". One nice looking girl wearing bikini run up to me andstart holding my hand and said "Welcome sir one drink 65 baht happy hour, many nice lady, take a look sir" I look at her and she ask me again "You Japan or Singkapore? First time Thailand? come in sir take a look and I sit with out OK?" I was like hell man can I say NO?. Boy came up to me and smile "Is OK, no worry I am here, you OK or not if not we can go and drink and check some place first" he said. I look at my watch, is still early " Let's go for some beers" I told Boy and we left. As we walk she shout "Hey you come back naa, I wait for you!"

At Soi Cowboy On my Birthday
At Soi Cowboy On my Birthday

The Agogo Bar

We went down on the soi at a bar for couple of beers only 60 baht per bottles. Looking at all the working girls walking by preparing to start work. Some came in to work on the bike (thai boy friend). I started to like watching pretty, beautiful and sexy girls walk by smiling. It is really amazing the night scene in Bangkok. Everything looks so beautiful.

"Hey you man, paid money! you drunk? you run away not pay bill!" someone shouted. I saw one drunk farang swaying himself all over the place. "She took all my money, she left me in the hotel!" he said. The next moment I saw couple of thai guys when up to him and try to settle the bill but sad ......... fight broke up, glass and bottle start flying, the next moment "Call ambulance !!" someone shouted and I saw the farang on the ground with a pool of blood. Just imagine everyone just look and went back to work and looks like nothing happen. I stood up and Boy stop me "Is not your business, you have beer and we go somewhere OK? no look no look, not be hero OK?" he said. I paid the bill and we start to walk towards the Agogo bars. Sometime I wonder looks nice to be out without any trouble but is scary to be drunk and have trouble, I told myself not to be so drunk. I heard the ambulance came and as I wonder what is going to happen to him next ....

Finally he brought me to Camelot Castle Agogo. "Welcome sir see, look, no cover charge, one beer 80 baht" As I was looking a Boy, he smile and laugh " Up to you, you like? is Ok, go look first" he said. They open up the front curtain and I start to look inside, "Holy Molly! nothing!" I said "What nothing many beautiful girl, take a look" as the door girl try to pull me in. "What nothing" Boy ask, I whisper to him " Look inside, girls wear nothing!". He was smiling at me and look at me like as if I am the first timer off the block. We went in finally and I told myself it will not be my first and either will be my last ......

Those where my days
Those where my days

My Adventure Begins

As the door girl lead us in, wow the place was pack, loud music, pretty girls, smoking everywhere and is unbelievable. "Sit down please! Jai yen yen (cool and slow down) what beer you like some drink?" the door girl ask. " What beer I like some drink?" I repeat " You what beer like?" she ask again. Boy finally order some beers for me and himself and we start drinking and chatting about the scene in the agogo bar. At first I dare not to look at any one on the stage, what the hack, just look, only eye see hand no touch. As I start to watch the girls dancing, I was wondering how they can do that dancing nude on the stage and there is like about 30 girls on the stage and another 30 off the stage, it was totally amazing.

The girls off the stage will actually wear bikini and when they started to dance they took out all. Some of the first timer dancers are allow to wear bikini and some are topless. I start to talk to the mamasan for the differences. "You buy me drink and I will tell you" the mamasan said. I bought her a drink and she told me that the salaries are different for dancer who dancing with bikini, topless or nude. That was like 4,500, 6,000 and 8,000 Baht per month not include lady drinks and offs. "What off?" I ask. She was laughing and looking and Boy and whisper at my ear " Go out boom boom with customer" she laugh again. Boy explain to me and I start to understand what she was talking about. "You like girl? or lady boy? but here no ladyboy"she asked. " I only like girls" I said. She looks up the stage and look at me and point at two girls and they came down nude and sit beside me. One in between Boy and myself and another on my left. I was like, what should I do? finally mamasan came "You buy lady drinks for the girls OK and they can sit with you and you can do anything you want. Buy mama drink OK?" The only words that come out from my mouth is "OK and Ok and OK" everything sound OK.OK

Unforgetable Night

"What your name? where you come from?" the dancer girl on my right start asking. "You looks handsome, you bar fine me, I go with you? OK" she said and she start to hold my hand bring near to her body. I was like, what should I do? " Bar fine 300 baht room 300 baht me 1,500 baht ok?" I do not even have any chances to YES or No and she speak again "No problem, you first time 1,000 Baht OK?" Finally Boy told her off and she sits there in silence ever since.

Finally is their shift to dance and they gone to the stage and dance. I have many drinks that night and have alot of fun at that bar. I bought the mamasan and some girls out to Tip Top restaurant for late night supper and continue drinking. And what ever happen after that is up to you guys to think or imagine........ and the following day I was back there again alone .......

My Diamond

Me and my wife
Me and my wife


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    • caseycrazy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Sure do Peter and I will.

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image


      7 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      A good idea, just let me know when you have time.


    • caseycrazy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Peter - Maybe we shall go together someday to catch up the good old memories...

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image


      7 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      I've been ther and done that many times. Sometimes I do it again. Good Hub, Peter


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