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Bangladesh : Daughter of Nature

Updated on September 19, 2015


Bangladesh | Source

At a glance:

Bangladesh, a small country situated in south-east Asia. It is said that Bangladesh is a riverine country. Hundreds of rivers flow through all over the country. Bangladesh is the largest 'delta' of the world.

Variation in landscape:

There is a nice variety in respect of landscape of Bangladesh. Plane lands is seen up to the horizon about all over the country. There are also low lands full of water in the rainy season. most of plain and low land is used as paddy field in various seasons. Bangladesh also has hills, the largest mangrove forest of the world, the longest unbroken natural sea beach of the world. The rivers as e well as the river sides are also very charming to see. Green and only green is seen everywhere of the country.

Summer Storm
Summer Storm
In The Rain
In The Rain | Source
Kash Flower in Autumn
Kash Flower in Autumn | Source
Harvesting in Late Autumn
Harvesting in Late Autumn | Source
Yellow Mustard Flower
Yellow Mustard Flower | Source
Krisnachura Flower in Spring
Krisnachura Flower in Spring | Source

Seasons of Bangladesh:

Bangladesh dresses herself differently in different six seasons. These seasons are Summer (Apr-May) which is known as 'Grishma', Monsoon (June-July) known as 'Borsha', Autumn (Aug-Sep) known as 'Sharat', Late Autumn (Oct-Nov) known as 'Hemanta', Winter (Dec-Jan) known as 'Seet' and Spring (Feb-Mar) known as 'Basanta' in bengali language.

  • Summer (April-May): Summer is the first season of Bengali calender. This season consists of Bengali two months- Boishakh and Joistha. In this season, the sun is very hot in Bangladesh. Sometimes there is lightening and thunderstorm also. The seasonal storm is called 'Kalboishakhi'. At this time, hawors, canals, ponds as well as small rivers get dry. Fields of crops need irrigation as they become parched. It is a harvesting time of 'Booro' paddy also. Before harvesting, the fields become golden with ripe paddy. The attraction of this season is various kinds of fruits. Fruits of various types, colors and tastes ripe in this season. So Bengali month 'Jaistha' is called 'the month of Honey'.
  • Monsoon (June-July): It is the season of rain. It rains almost regularly all over the country. Hawors, canals, rivers etc. fill with water then. Most of the low lands goes under water and each of the villages in hawors looks like a small island. In those villages, the only transport is boat then. It is the most important season of Bangladesh. It is also very desired by the people as this season let relief to the people from the acute heat of Summer.
  • Autumn (Aug-Sep): Autumn is the third season in Bengali calender. At that time, the rain and the water of low land reduces. The sky becomes clear and rafts of white clouds are seen floating in the sky. Gentle breeze blows then. Farmers start working in the paddy fields. Flowers blooms in Kashbans in the bank of rivers. Its an amazing season in Bangladesh.
  • Late Autumn (Oct-Nov): It is the season of dew. This season is time to harvest. After harvesting, festival names 'Nabanna' takes places. Late Autumn reminds that winter is coming.
  • Winter (Dec-Jan): Winter is the season of mist and cold. At that time leaves fall from trees and the trees become bare. In this season various tasty vegetables are grown and available in Bangladesh. The most delicious food of this season is Prune juice Cake.
  • Spring (Feb-Mar): Spring is call the king of all seasons. At that time the weather is not so hot and not so cold. The trees get back new leaves, various flowers blooms and comfortable gentle breeze blows. Cuckoos sing to be a part of this colorful season.

Boat In River of Bangladesh
Boat In River of Bangladesh
Royal Bengal Tiger
Royal Bengal Tiger | Source

Places to visit:

Bangladesh is a daughter of nature. One doesn't need to explore some landmarks but he/she can enjoy the beauty of Bangladesh in every knock and corner of this country. Yet there are some re-known places i.e. the longest sea beach of the world 'Cox's Bazar', St. Martin's Island’, the largest mangrove forest 'Sundarbans', hilly area in Rangamati, Khagrachori, Bandarbans, natural beauty of Sylhet, Moulovibazar, Sunamganj and Hobiganj, daughter of the sea ‘Kuakata’ ect. and many historical land marks i.e. Sonargaon, ‘Mainamati’, Sixty Tomb Mosque’, ‘Mahasthangarh- Paharpur Buddhist Monastery’, ‘Kantajee's Templeand so on.

People of Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is a populous country. It is a developing country also. Though the economic condition of the majority people is not high, people of every corner of this country is generous and their hospitality is excellent. The hospitality of the common people of this country will be a memorable thing to those who visit Bangladesh.

Tea garden in Sylhet, Bangladesh
Tea garden in Sylhet, Bangladesh | Source
water Lily, Bangladesh
water Lily, Bangladesh | Source

Have a visit:

If you have a time to visit some places or to enjoy the natural beauty of the world, you may come to visit Bangladesh. And I believe that your time and money will be properly utilized and you will back with a cheerful mind. Visa process to visit Bangladesh is so easy. Hospitality in Bangladesh is fine. Accommodation facility is good. taste of food is wonderful.

Visa for Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a sovereign country. So a person from foreign country has to have permission to enter into her territory. This permission is called visa. Bangladesh missions are situated all around the world and those missions issue visa for the foreigner visitors. Some countries are exempted from visa to enter Bangladesh, such as Barbados, Bhutan, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Fiji, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Grenada, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Maldives, Mauritius, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Samoa, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Tonga, Zambia. Visa on arrival for maximum 30 days is also available for the citizens of the all other countries excluding Brunei, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Vietnam if that visitor is from a country where there is no representative of Bangladesh. Department of Immigrations and Passport of Bangladesh is assigned for extension of visa. Visa fees are different for different countries.`

Bottom line

Any time of the year is best time to visit Bangladesh. In different seasons Bangladesh is decorated in different dresses by nature. So you may be assured that the visit in Bangladesh will be a memorable event of your joyful life. S

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