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Bangladesh - The Natural Beautiful Country

Updated on August 23, 2011
Natural Beauty of Bangladesh
Natural Beauty of Bangladesh

Landscape Beauty of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of natural diversity. Nature makes this land a darling child of her. The landscape of Bangladesh is very wonderful. The deltaic landscape of ours makes us fell proud.

There are rivers, hills and plain lands in this country. To south of Bangladesh there is a bay this is known as the Bay of Bengal. The Sundarban is the largest forest where different kinds of wilds are available. The Chittagong Hill tracks, tea garden of Sylhet, the longest sea beach of the world situated in Cox’s Bazar and the picturesque scenery of Juphlong cascade have our country aseden.

Seasons Beauty of Bangladesh

Summer: In the summer season the days are long and the sun is very hot up in the sky. Summer season presents different kinds of delicious fruits.

Rainy season: The rainy season comes with smooth drops and makes land fresh. Rainwater helps Bangladesh land grow bumper crops.

Autumn: Autumn season is a season of soft and light clouds. Different kinds of flowers bloom and make land look beautiful in autumn season.

Winter: Winter season is a season of cold. Winter season presents different kinds of vegetables like tomato, turnip, carrot, and fresh date juice.

Spring: Spring is called the queen of seasons. It comes with variety. Everything becomes youthful in this season. The cuckoo bird sings nicely to make us joyous.

The changing of seasons is very interesting and enjoyable. Bangladeshi people are greatly benefited with the changes of seasons.

Flower of Spring
Flower of Spring

Rivers beauty of Bangladesh

There are 230 rivers in Bangladesh. Among them the Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna, The Surma and the Karnafuli are the most important rivers of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi people get much benefit from all these rivers. These rivers make this land very smooth in the field of water communication. During the rainy season ponds, rivers are full to the brim. Then they look very beautiful. Bangladeshi all people enjoys this scenery to their heart’s content.

Bangladeshi River
Bangladeshi River
River with Beautiful Bridge
River with Beautiful Bridge

Nature presents Bangladesh land many beautiful things. Bangladesh is really a land of natural gifts. The natural beauties of Bangladesh are very touching. Nature is very calm and quiet in Bangladesh.


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