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Barbados On A Budget

Updated on February 17, 2012

Getting There and Staying

An island holiday may seem expensive, but it does not have to be. There are many ways to decrease your cost – even to somewhere as beautiful and ideal as Barbados. It is simply a matter of discovering ways to keep within your budget. The process all starts with your plane ticket there.

Flying Down

It is common sense to purchase your ticket well in advance when there is a sale. In Canada, Air Canada and West Jet are two competitors that provide non-stop flights to Bridgetown Airport from Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec and Halifax Nova Scotia. There are other providers who supply the same fast service in the United States.

Seat sales are common at certain times of the year. While it may seem a good idea to wait until the last minute, it often isn’t, no matter what certain sites say. Your best bet is to keep yourself aware of the airline’s sales, the period in which they occur and the viability of going there. Just be sure that

· The cheap flight is applicable for both ways

· You are aware of all the extra costs such as Airport fees

The problem with many island vacations it is not always possible to book in an off-season. The time period usually falls in Hurricane Season – a time when only a few flights, if any, are available. This is the period from June to October. Although the hurricanes tend to miss the Island, the temperatures at this time may seem excessively warm, even for those who are sun worshippers.

Finding a Place to Stay

Barbados has some lovely beachside hotels such as Accra and Coconut Grove. They are, however, pricey. It is possible to find an inexpensive place to stay and not live in a dump or in questionable surroundings. It really depends upon what you set as a high priority. You can sometimes obtain rooms or apartments on the beach if you book them at the right time. A good period for finding less expensive housing is after the Christmas rush and before the March break. The middle of January is a good time to arrive. Although this period is considered high season, discounts are available at many places.

Housing comes in many different types. You can go the traditional route – hotels, and it will cost you more than other venues. If you want to decrease your cost, consider staying in an apartment. Studio and one-bedroom apartments are relatively inexpensive. You may not be on the beach, but it often is a short distance away. For example, many of the apartments for rent on the Rockley Golf Course are a 10 to 15 minute walk from everything. The same applies to the Adulo Apartments, although the environment at Rockley is more pleasantly landscapes and has air conditioning.

The advantages of staying in an apartment are varied. They include:

· You are part of Barbados and not set apart

· You can cook your own meals if you wish or go out

· You get to experience Barbados differently than if you stayed in a hotel

· You can meet locals and discover where to shop cheaply for groceries and may find out more about what to see and where to go


You may not want to book away from the beach, however, if you don’t like to walk. This also applies if you prefer taxis to the local buses or Zeds (ZRs). There is also a difficulty facing you if you have young children. Barbados exhibits a decisive shortage of sidewalks away from the beachfront and related areas. It is not easy to “become-one-with-the- nearest bush” if you are trying to push a stroller. Keep this in mind when you decide to book. You may also want to check out where the accommodations are located. To be precise, the waterfront hotel may be inexpensive because they are next to a busy street, a bar or a rum shop. Imagine karaoke continuing into the wee hours of the morning and your hotel room has screens but no windows.

Overall, it is not difficult to find a reasonably priced apartment or even hotel. One of the best sources available is It provides you with a legitimate source of accommodations available at various prices. One of them will provide you with the right price. In fact, sometimes, you can negotiate the rate. Usually, a deposit is required. Often the rest of the money is requested before your arrival. In this fashion, your accommodations are paid for before you even touch down on the island. You can relax and plan the rest of your trip.


Arranging an inexpensive vacation can be challenging and fun. Start with the flight then move on to where you plan to stay. Stay within the limits of your budget. You want to enjoy your trip both while you are there and afterwards. You really cannot do this if you are worried about paying for it.

Booking flights when they are on sale and finding alternative accommodation are two ways of making your vacation enjoyable while keeping it in on budget. Food and site seeing are two other aspects you need to consider. They will be discussed in the second part of this article.


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