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Barbados On A Budget - Part Three

Updated on February 20, 2012
Cliff Restaurant
Cliff Restaurant
Fish Fry, Oistins
Fish Fry, Oistins

Dining Out and Staying In

Eating in Barbados can be quite expensive. Much of the food is imported which results in higher prices for consumers. If you wish to cut down on your dining costs, there are several options. It begins with the desire to enjoy local food. It also involves shopping.


If you want to save money and have a means of preparing meals, you will need to shop. This is as easy as it is in most North American countries. You grab your reusable bags, take a bus or walk and make your way to the nearest source. In Barbados, you can find excellent food at reasonable prices at:

Grocery Stores: Big B is a classic example of where you can go local or buy imported. There is a wide variety of food from which to choose. The shelves have local beverages – including a local drink called Mauby, desserts and other food you may want to try.

If you do not feel like cooking, you can opt for their prepared food. There are cooked chickens and other ready-to-heat, meat and vegetable dishes in the store. In-store sub and deli-style shops provide you with the chance to eat local food. You can have the staff make you a sub, pick up a sandwich-to-go or have them put into take away containers fish, roasted vegetables, soup or a host of other choices.

Other grocery stores to consider are Supercentre, Trimart and Emerald City. There are also small convenience stores from which to purchase goods but many of them are more expensive than the grocery stores.

· Markets: Why not stop in at a local market. Barbados has several fish markets. One is in Oistins while you can find another in Bridgetown. Both offer you the best and the freshest fish and other seafood. Pick up some, take it home and enjoy the taste of savoury fish food.

Dining Out

If you decide to try dining out and want to do it inexpensively, consider your options. If you are at Rockley Beach, you might want to stop by the outdoor food vendors. Every day from noon until about four a local woman (and sometimes 2) parks her car near the booths selling clothing and other items. She opens the back of the car. Here are placed several long metal containers full of steaming food. These are local dishes served hot. They fill the bill on taste and price. You can also purchase a beverage for a reasonable price.

Much further up on the beach, near Pebble Beach, is another inexpensive taste treat. On Barbados, a fish sandwich is called a cutter. You can purchase them all over the island. Among the very best are those made at Cuttys. They are worth the trip to the Beach. One will fill you up. Sit and eat it on the beach and savour every last bite.

If you do love fish, you need to go to Oistins for a fish fry. This heats up on Fridays and Saturdays. You can avoid the crowds if you go during the week. Try the fish at Chez Daniel’s at Oistins – a small booth among many open to trap your taste buds.

For more local food choices, head to Bridgetown and step off the tourist trail. Several of the restaurants have an upstairs that provide good local food inexpensively. When in doubt, ask a local for suggestions.

Fast Food

Fast food in Barbados does not come cheap if you opt for the usual suspects. In Barbados, however, the choices are few. They include Kentucky Fried Chicken and Subway. Beyond these two international franchises, there is a local one – Chefette Restaurants. It serves food similar to those in many fast food outlets with a twist, adding pizza and ice cream and BBQ. There are several outlets on the island making them accessible.

Fine Dining

Barbados has several elegant restaurants. It is always good to have one such experience. If you are in Rockley, you can always opt for a mid-range option by dining outside at Coconut Court. There are also some classy restaurants and bistros clustered along the Boardwalk. Consider Tapas. Brown Sugar is also popular for a taste of local food. Yet, Bajan restaurants can give you a taste of food from around the world. Other possibilities are the Cliff Restaurant if only for its setting, Café Luna, Cariba and the Tides. Check in a local guide and, once again, talk to the locals and other visitors for recommendations


Eating in another country can prove to be expensive. Cut down on your food costs in Barbados by choosing to prepare your own meals. Shop locally. However, do allow yourself one fine dining experience or at least eat out once while you are there. Yet, if you mingle with the locals and sample their cuisine, you can create some truly strong memories of a place.


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    • Bonnie M D profile imageAUTHOR

      Bonnie Michelle Durtnall 

      5 years ago from Guelph, Ontario

      Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I forgot about the fishcakes.

    • profile image 

      5 years ago from Barbados

      Nice tips Bonnie. I'd also recommend trying the fishcakes. The Mr.Delicious food truck at Miami Beach has some of the best. Also look out for "Hot Legendary Fishcakes" vans across the island and at Oistins. A "bread and two" will get you two fish cakes in a salt bread (cutter).

      Just to let you know, Burger King has now opened in Barbados (Jan 2013).


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