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Barbados On A Budget - Part Two

Updated on February 19, 2012

Fun in the Sun

You have the tickets. You have a place to stay. All fall within the budget you have set for yourself. Now, how do you eat and have fun without going over your set financial plan? It actually isn’t that difficult if you consider the following options to always eating out and paying for everything you do. You must, however, always make certain you have money for at least one tour or tourist type activity. Make both relate to what Barbados is famous for.

Fun in the Sun

Enjoying Barbados is easy and free if you like sun, sea and sand. The beaches along the South and South East Coast provide different texture sands, warm turquoise water and the sun beating down every day. The waves roll in gently. The water increases depth, slowly. You can lie on the sand, swim and walk along one of the two Boardwalks on the island. One of the most popular Boardwalks stretches along Rockley Beach as far as Coconut Court. Every day, you can stroll along its length – about ½ hour walk, and back. You can watch the crabs, and stop here and there to splash in the water. On hot days, be sure to bring a water bottle filled with your favourite beverage. Remember. The tap water in Barbados is safe to drink.

Other free activities include hiking. The Barbados National Trust has a series of hikes on Sunday. One takes place in the early morning. The other is later in the afternoon. They are graded according to length and terrain. Check out the website at

If you can, bring with you a snorkel set. This will expand further your water adventures. Just off Rockley Beach, there is a reef for you to explore. At Folkestone Underwater Park, located just north of Holetown you can follow an underwater snorkel trail or close to the inshore reef. There is a small fee if you wish to take a cruise, go scuba diving or visit the museum.

Along the West Coast, you can also snorkel around the ship wrecks, some deliberately sunk close to shore for just this purpose. If you are lucky, you will run into a Green turtle. These beautiful creatures swim off the coast and are friendly. In fact, several tours are based on bringing together turtles and humans for a swim. This is one of the best experiences in Barbados. Forget the rum, consider Harrison’s Cave and the Flower Forest or the Barbados’ Animal Reserve but, ultimately, if you love, water, snorkeling, marine life and ship wrecks, opt for a turtle cruise.

This is one of the best ways to spend part of your day. Different types of boats, small and large companies, offer you the chance to enjoy what is one of the best times in Barbados. There are Catamaran cruises, Thrill Seeker (a Scarab offshore powerboat), small Cats and charters. Most take you to swim with the turtles as well as snorkelling around the shipwrecks nearby. However, the larger boats may not offer quite eth personal service as smaller craft. The more people there are, the less chance you have to interact on a personal level with the turtles and each other. Smaller jaunts are best. In fact, perhaps the most personal tour is provided by Cliff Sharker. This is a small enterprise – a boat that holds only about 10 people. This ensures you receive personal and very informed service. You get to spend time with the turtles, arriving there long before those from the cruise ships arrive to crowd the waters. Charles is informative, friendly and he provides you with pictures of your experience. You learn about the turtles, the shipwrecks and general information about the ships in harbour, beaches and anything else. For information do check out the review on trip advisor.

Off the beach, there are other ways to enjoy Barbados for little money. Consider going to Bridgetown and walking around the various sites. There are the Parliament buildings and the beautiful Jewish cemetery. It will cost you to visit the Museum, but the cemetery is free. There are colourful shops, booths, churches, Cathedrals and National Heroes Square. Worried about getting there cheaply?

Whether you are staying at Holetown or Oistins, the remedy is simple. Hop on a bus or take a ZR. It will cost you a couple of Bajan dollars. A taxi is more expensive, but sometimes worth it. The transportation system in Barbados is reliable and can take you almost anywhere you want to go.


You can enjoy your vacation in Barbados without spending money frivolously. If you are worried about transportation costs to the various beaches or attractions, remember the low cost of buses. Buses can also come in handy when you need to find cheap places to eat. This is the topic of the third article on Barbados on a Budget.


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