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Barbados Walk On The Wild Side - Part 2

Updated on February 5, 2013
East Coast
East Coast
East Coast
East Coast
River Bay
River Bay
Little Bay
Little Bay
Blow holes at Little Bay
Blow holes at Little Bay
Marker for East Coast
Marker for East Coast

A Trip from The Animal Flower Caves Down the East Coast

Barbados provides visitors with much to see and do. Beyond the pristine beaches and translucent waters lies a different world. Explore the wilder side of Barbados, away from the tourist traps. Take a walk on the wild side. Visit the East Coast.

St. Lucy and St. Andrew

The parishes of St. Lucy and St. Andrew offer you a glimpse of the wilder side of Barbados. Some is strictly tourist fare; others are part of the nature of this rugged coast. You can visit the well-known Animal Flower Caves at the Northern tip of the Island. It will cost you but may be worth your while. Journey through a cave and look out onto the sea through windows formed by nature.

St. Lucy is also home to Maycox Bay. This is generally untouched beach is not for swimming – unless you use one of the small pools. The big Ocean beyond is for surfing and fishing. This is true for much of the East Coast. Surfers adore this part of the Island. From Maycox Bay down to Bathsheba in St. Joseph’s Parish, they take to the waves with abandon and skill.

After all, the Atlantic is no tame body of water. It roars onto the shore. This ocean does not encourage swimming. Without a second thought, it will suck you in and may never spit you out again. Its power is enormous. You respect this Ocean.

Yet, there are small pools of calm. They cut into and make natural places for bathers. This is true of River Bay. Tucked into the cliffs, a small pool of water allows you to sun bathe and swim. Beyond that point, lies danger.

Cliffs and Blow Holes

The highlands of Barbados are evident in a journey through St. Lucy and St. Andrew. River Bay is a place where locals come to play and picnic. Weekends it is very popular. Tourists come to climb up and look out over the cliffs. These rugged heights provide admirable views of the oceans. They are reminiscent of the Scottish Highland or those that from the Canadian East Coast.

The salt water keeps them bare where they look over the water. Beyond the shore, however, the cliffs towering above are lush with tropical vegetation. This is particularly true as you head further down the East Coast towards Bathsheba. On the way, stop at Little Bay.

Little Bay is similar to River Bay. Stand high on the cliffs and breathe in the salt air. Admire the waves of the Atlantic as they crash on the shore. The power of the Ocean is truly evident. The strength becomes palpable when you catch the spray tossed up when the waves smash into the holes and blow upwards several feet into the air.

From here, simply follow the highway down the coast. You can stop at Cove Bay, Long Pond or any of a dozen places along the coast of St. Andrew’s before reaching Cattlewash and Bathsheba in St. Joseph’s Parish. Here you can make a side trip to the Andromeda Botanical Gardens or head further down the coast through the Parishes of St. John and St. Philip to catch where the waters of the Atlantic and the Caribbean meet near the East Point Lighthouse.


Here the trip need not end. It marks the beginning of return visits to explore further the beauties of the East Coast. It can also fuel the desire to explore more of Barbados, including some of the inland treasures and secrets.


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