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Barbados beaches, holidays and where to go

Updated on July 17, 2011

Barbados the best in Caribbean

The word Barbados is usually followed by tropical island paradise when you pick up any holiday brochure. Well that’s become a cliché. Just a few decades ago Barbados was the reserve of the upper classes and the elite. And even though most of the Caribbean no longer comes under the heading Once in a lifetime, Barbados still offers a holiday experience that is a notch above some of its neighbors.

Barbados Colonial Past

Barbados is also terribly British. Thanks - or no thanks - to over 300 years of colonization. The liveliest tourist places like Rockly, worthing and acro beach are all on the South coast… not far from St. Lawrence gap. Here there are a huge number of hotels and apartment buildings of varying quality reflecting the colonial past.

Barbados holiday beaches
Barbados holiday beaches

Barbados Holiday Packages - What to expect

As in most of the Caribbean the typical type of accommodation for the holiday makers is all inclusive. Standards in the hotels of the golden sand beaches of the west coast are high and you can often expect thrown in activities such as surfing lessons and lazy sails out into the Caribbean sea for a spot of snorkeling. If you’re lucky you may even get to feed a turtle.

Best beaches in barrbados

Colonial Heritage of Barbados

Across the island you’ll see the sugar plantations a legacy of the British colonial slave trade era. As you travel around you’ll see tiny chattel houses propped up on stone piles. The salves who lived in them weren’t allowed to own their own land. Plantation owners on the other hand lived in places like St. Nicholas abbey. It was built in 1650 which makes it not only the oldest of great houses in Barbados but also one of the three oldest houses in the whole of the Americas.

Barbados Atlantic Coast

Just 20 minutes of driving across the island will take you to the east coast well worth a look. It’s a favorite with independent travelers as the least developed area on the island with a rugged coast line that’s pounded by the Atlantic. The results are pretty spectacular.

Bridgetown - Barbados Largest city

The nearest thing Barbados has to a city is its capital Bridgetown. But one of the first things you will notice is how small it is. A morning is usually more than enough to take in the main sites which include the broad street for duty free shopping, colorful markets and a handful of colonial buildings.

LimeStone Cave in Barbados

Barbados is not all about beaches. Right in the middle of the island is a complex of limestone caves with underground streams, caverns and waterfalls. This is the most popular attraction on Barbados. Harrison’s cave was written about in 1796 by an English doctor called George Pinchard. But it went largely unexplored until around 40 years ago when the full spectacular extent of the cave system was recognized. Kids and geology buffs alike get a real kick out of the fun visitor experience on offer here.

What to eat in Barbados

For foodies Bridgetown is also the best place to sample the local food fair. This is primarily seafood. Snapper Dorado and dolphin fish are some of the most popular. But it’s flying fish that dominates the menus. Make sure you give it a try.

Your turn to visit Barbados :)

Barbados is hitting the new decade looking as attractive a holiday proposition as it ever was. The beaches hotels and attractions still pull in the punters but it’s the locals that continue to get the nod as the island’s best feature. So it you haven’t already perhaps now is the time to see for yourself.

Share your experiance about Barbados or something you would like to highlight. Your comments are being anticipated by readers :)

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    • writeido profile image

      writeido 6 years ago

      Thanks travelometer. Barbados is certainly a gem and a MUST GO in your travel plans :)

    • profile image

      Travelometer 6 years ago

      Barbados is by far among the top of the carribbean island. There are many spots on the island that are worth the visit. You've summed them up quite nicely.

    • writeido profile image

      writeido 6 years ago

      Yes Lulu... Definitely heaven on earth :)

    • LULU SUE1987 profile image

      LULU SUE1987 6 years ago

      Barbados is beautiful. I have been there many times.