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Barbados - Eating Inexpensively

Updated on June 24, 2013
Oistins' Fish Fry
Oistins' Fish Fry
Shakers Restaurant
Shakers Restaurant

Eating In and Dining Out

While you may be able to afford a getaway to Barbados, the budget may be tight. Although you squirrel away money for a couple of souvenirs and maybe a tour around the island, you have to be careful with your money. You have found an inexpensive place to stay. This could be a small condo on Rockley Golf Course. It could also be an apartment at the Nook Apartments.

While not the most luxurious places on the island, they are clean, provide maid service and are within walking distance of the beach and other amenities. The best thing about these types of residences is not simply the overall price. They have cooking facilities. This can decrease the cost of your stay on the island.

Eating In

If you have a stove, a fridge and a microwave, you are all set. How much cooking, and how elaborate it will be, depends upon how much you want to cook on your holiday. You can prepare complete meals or simply microwave pre-prepared food.

If you want to save money on your food, simply follow commonsense rules. Avoid the small variety stores except in an emergency. Shop in the larger grocery stores. These include Big B and a variety of Supersaver Stores. While prices are higher than those on the mainland are, you can still purchase food at a more reasonable price than in a restaurant.

Big B also allows you to see how much things cost locally as well as what food is grown or produced on the island. They label the produce accordingly. You can, therefore, find local mangos and other fruit beside imported varieties. Try some of the local produce and consider buying regional fruit juice, milk and dairy products.

Be adventurous and buy small amounts of food you normally do not run across. You might like such island favorites as Mauby and Sorrel. They are an alternative to pop. The island also has locally or regionally bottled versions of your favourite sodas.

You can also buy prepared foods. Many stores have a deli. You can buy subs, cooked fish and prepared salads. An easy way to not cook and still save money is to buy a roasted or barbecued chicken. Take it home. Make it into sandwiches or eat it with salads. Hot or cold, it is an affordable meal or two.

Eggs are also another food available. You can get them at a store or a chicken specialty place. At least one place on the island has only chicken. This is on Dayrells Road in Rockley, Christ Church.


If you are looking for fresh fish to cook, head off to a market. the island has several including ones at Bridgetown and Speightstown. The most the most famous is at Oistins. Here, you can get fresh fish every day. You can also eat fish at a reasonable price at the big fish fry on the weekends.

Eating Out

Eating out in Barbados can be expensive. Yet, you should try the local cuisine at least once. As mentioned previously, Oistin’s fish fry can be inexpensive as well as delicious. It is also an experience where locals, music and visitors mix. You can also purchase the famous cutter sandwiches at a stand near the Yacht Club.

If you want to try Bajan food of different types, head to Shakers just off Dayrell Road. This restaurant offers ribs, salad, flying fish, chicken and other local dishes. The prices are reasonable. The portions are more than sufficient. The food is great. The only proviso is to show up early, if you don’t have a reservation or phone ahead.

There are issues with answering the phone to take reservations. If they are busy, they won’t answer the phone. The same applies if you are ordering take away. Shakers does do take away but again, only if they are not busy and up to a certain time of the evening.

Shakers is not open Sunday or Monday. It serves food only in the evening after 6. The fish is always fresh. The owners shop for it every day at the Oistins fish market.

Fast Food

If you live off fast food and can afford it, Barbados does offer you some choice. They have a KFC outlet as well as a Subway. They also have many pizza shops – including an original one in Speightstown, inexpensive Chinese take away and a variety of other small, local fast food places.

The most well known island franchise is Chefettes. It is comparable to a Mcdonald’s. Several are found on the island, although they tend to gather in the more populated centres. The restaurants serve pizza, roasted chicken, a variety of burgers and curry. Several have playgrounds for the children.


If you have the money, do dine out. Eat out at least once on your trip. Try Cutters in St. Philip Parish. Enjoy a meal at Blakey’s or Tapos on the Boardwalk. Read the reviews and take your chances. If you are mindful of your budget, be sensible - shop and cook locally.


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    • Saloca profile image


      5 years ago from Liverpool, UK

      Some good tips to keep in mind if I ever find myself there!


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