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Barcelon Didn't Sing To Us

Updated on August 30, 2010

Barcelona the must see city in Spain. 

We purposefully chose to stay a week in Salou, a smallish sea town a short train ride from Barcelona, so that we could take many trips into this city.  We heard that Barcelona was a really really really beautiful place from so many people that it was on our must see list.

What we found was that Barcelona didn’t sing to us.  It was just too big, too dirty, too many walls tagged by graffiti and too many people.  After seeing all of the lovely towns and villages in France and Northern Spain to us it felt worn out. 

The train left us just a couple of blocks from the town center and it’s promenade. It was lovely to walk to the seaport down the car free boulevard and look at the living statues, architecture and venders without any worries about vehicles. I must admit, however, that the beggars displaying their deformed limbs was a turn off.

Though this promenade was nice, unfortunately after Montpellier we were not that impressed.  This center’s walk instead of blocks wide was only feet... and it was not as upscale or Metropolitan.  The people walking in the streets just didn’t have the same flair or style. 

After looking at the seaport we wandered through the Goth section and a few other interesting parts of the city then decided we had seen enough.

We learned a lot through this trip.  We were able to hone into what we enjoy.  We may not see one museum or another big city in our 90 days of travel... no matter how beautiful something is to some one else, if it doesn’t match ones life-style, likes or disposition it just won’t work out. 

What Gary and I like is walking, driving with the top down on country roads, small towns/villages, beaches, good food and simple things.  Things people do in their everyday life. Our trip to Barcelona helped us realize this and that our trip will be filled with sampling simple things with no regrets that we may miss many of the bigger larger than life events that Europe has to offer.
With that said here is what caught our eye in Barcelona...Beautiful statues and stone work.  Below are some of the finer images we captured.

Bye Bye Barcelona... and thanks.


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    • profile image

      Liz in Seattle 9 years ago

      Yes, it's funny how places strike you differently depending on where you've been and where you're going. I enjoyed Barcelona enormously one Christmas--not really a tourist season. And there is only one Picasso Museum! I love your photos!