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Barcelona Hospitals: An Overview

Updated on February 4, 2011

Barcelona Views

Spain is the third largest nation in Europe and Barcelona is also one of the most picturesque cities. Tourism is a major industry in this beautiful country. Owing to its rich historical and cultural background, globetrotters from all corners of the world flock to Spain. Its glorious past is evident through the architectural wonders, innumerable museums and monuments.

Barcelona is one of two major cities in Spain, well known for its innovative architecture and modern Spanish culture. As well as an exquisite center of Spanish culture, it is also a thriving municipal district offering a variety of amenities. A leading seaport in Spain, the landscape of Barcelona is dotted with castles, ancient ruins, cathedrals and galleries throughout its landscape. It is also a bustling center for enthusiastic football fans (soccer for Americans). The nightlife is an active one with dozens of entertainment options appealing to residents and tourists alike.

The Spanish government has emphasized the development of the healthcare infrastructure so if you happen to have a medical emergency in Spain, you will be well cared for. Rated the best in Europe, Barcelona provides world-class medical centers.

Besides their first-class rating, hospitals in Barcelona are equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment. Hospital research wings are continuously engaged in the latest medical investigations and development to achieve breakthroughs in the treatment of patients. The doctors and nurses employed in these hospitals are well qualified, with interns frequently assisting in follow-up visits. Employees, in these fine medical centers, ensure that visitors are made to feel comfortable. European patients from other countries are treated at no cost by simply producing their European Health Card. Most insurance companies, from other parts of the world, cover any medical services rendered by these excellent hospitals. Although the cost of medical service is moderate in Spain, great quality health care is accessible.

All medical facilities in Barcelona employ emergency care departments, intensive care and specialized treatment units, and 24-hour ambulance and pharmacy services, with some pharmacies also providing the option of home delivery. Although most medical facilities require knowledge of Spanish, every medical facility has some professionals present that can assist English-speaking patients. A few hospitals also provide designated areas to cater to foreigners.

The best known hospitals in Barcelona are the Centre Forum Hospital Del Mar, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Vall d’Hebron Hospital General, Hospital de L’Esperanca, Hospital de Sant Joan de Deu and the Hospital de Nens de Barcelona.

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona: Established in 1906, this medical center is among the best that Barcelona has on offer. This community hospital stands as a superb, world-class, high-tech institution, with separate wings for teaching, research and treatment. It has set the standard from basic treatment to more complex transplant procedures, winning them innumerable accolades and distinctions. Patients from all over Catalonia and Spain come here for treatment of diseases, obstetrics, cancer and more. Their outpatient facility contracts distinguished physicians in their fields of expertise and are assisted by well-trained professionals. In addition to taking care of their own patients, they are reaching out to help other institutions in Mozambique and Morracco. You can reach the hospital at 227-54-00.

Vall d’Hebron Hospital General is another good choice for English speakers. They specialize in Trauma and Rehabilitation, Maternity and Pediatrics, Out-patient surgery and general medical care. Additionally, they have a foundation for Biomedical research and the School of Medicine for the University of Barcelona. Vall D’Hebron is a full-service hospital with full laboratory and diagnostic equipment.

Other prominent hospitals in Barcelona include Hospital de L’Esperanca, as well as Sant Joan de Deu Hospital, Hospital de Nens de Barcelona and Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge .

Barcelona, Spain


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