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Barcelona- And Nudist Beaches

Updated on July 24, 2011

If u liked my previous hub about Barcelona and language, than you will enjoy in another Barcelona story. This time I will write something more about the nudist beaches.

Nudism is an essential part of modern culture. For many people it’s a way of life, a way to express their true self. Others see nudity as something dirty, something you keep indoors. Whatever you think, we live in a free country and everybody lives their life the way they want. Naturist culture is widespread in many countries and all societies.

Barcelona is place of liberty and it is one of very few cities in Europe where walking in nude is not forbidden. Catalan people like nudism and there are a lot of nudist beaches as well as nudist clubs. Foreigners like to come to place where is no prohibitions and to be free.

There are no laws against nudity in Spain - which means that in theory you can go nude anywhere you like in the country. During Francoist times it was forbidden, and was seen as something indecent. No wonder that after the death of Franco and years of repression the people started to strip off, and Barcelona is the city par excellence to experience the nudist culture.

Note that, in theory, any beach in Spain can be a nudist beach. The other side of this coin is that at, on a very quiet day, it is possible that you may arrive and there are nudists there, but a family enjoying a (clothed) day at the beach. Respect those around you and think before you take your speedos off. If in doubt, follow what others around you are doing. Unless you arrive very early in the morning, chances are there will be someone already bathing on the beach where you are - their choice of clothing (or lack of) should help you decide whether it's OK to get naked.

Mar Bella Beach, Barcelona
Mar Bella Beach, Barcelona
Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona
Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona
LHome Mort Beach, Sitges
LHome Mort Beach, Sitges
Els Balmins Beatch, Sitges
Els Balmins Beatch, Sitges

Barcelona also has a couple of naturist beaches right in the city centre. The official naturist beach is Mar Bella, but there is another naturist ‘unofficial’ space in St. Sebastiá Beach. Tourists can also enjoy in nudist camps, and nudist clubs with swimming pools and spas.

In addition to these naturist beaches in Barcelona, Catalunya boasts many more naturist beaches. Very popular are the naturist areas in Sitges (such as Cala Morisca, Cala Balmins, Cala de l’Home Mort). There are more naturist beaches also around Girona and Tarragona (i.e. El Torn).

Sant Sebastià Beach - Barcelona

The nudist beach in Barcelona Playa de Sant Sebastia lies at the southern end of Barceloneta and like its neighbouring beach it is also covered in golden sand and is 1.1 km long.
It is one of two nudist beaches in Barcelona, the other one is calles Mar Bella, and is located north of the Olympic harbour.
Like all other beaches in Barcelona, Playa de Sant Sebastia offers everything that you can expect from a city beach: showers, toilets, lifeguard stations, etc. Like Barceloneta beach, Playa de Sant Sebastià is also one of the most traditional beaches in Barcelona, something which is reflected in the high number of local visitors. Barcelona’s surf community meets here when the swell is good. At the southern end of the beach there is a nudist area. This beach is quite a lot occupied by tourists and surfers but the send is not very clean.

Playa La Mar Bella - Barcelona

Barcelona's only official nudist beach is also home to the water sports centre Base Nàutica de la Mar Bella where you can hire equipment and take lessons in a wide range of activities on the sea. The other facilities include showers, toilets, garbage collection, children's play areas, parking, disabled access, lifeguards and safe drinking water fountains. You're advised not to swim near the breakwater, not to bring domestic pets and not to use soap in the sea. The beach is very big, nice and clear. There is sport center Mar Bella beyond, and people are very friendly.

Except Barcelona's beaches there are few very famoust in one small place named Sitges, not far from Barcelona.

Sitges is famously a 'gay-friendly' resort town, with a number of beaches that cater for gay people to a greater or lesser extent. Most are what would be called 'mixed' beaches, where gay and straight couples hang out together and others are seen as being more exclusively 'gay', where few straight couples go. There are no regulations enforcing these divisions, it is just the way things have evolved over the years.

Playa L´Home Mort - Sitges :

Naturist beach conformed by the Home Mort beach and the Roses beach. It is located to 800 meters of the town center and is difficult. It is surrounded by cliffs. The Length is around 110 + 165 m width average:10 m. On foot through a steep footpath that begins where the Atlantida Disco.

Playa Els Balmins - Sitges

This beach is 150 meters long and 18 meters wide. Normally the level of occupation of the beach Vallcarca is high. Whose composition is isolated beach bowling / sand.


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