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Bardascino Park, Philadelphia

Updated on April 4, 2007

Bardascino Park

Bardascino Park is a small park located on 10th Street & Carpenter Street in South Philadelphia. The park is a great place to read, study, meet with neighbors, or just relax and enjoy the outdoors. The park is part of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's "Parks Revitalization Project" - and through it the park has gone from an abandoned garden to a beautiful greenspace will well manicured grass areas with benches, and lovely flower gardens. The park is located in a an area of shops and some entertainment, it is a nice place to meet up with friends or to take a break from work. The park is often bubbling in summer afternoons. If you would like more information about the park please contact Miriam Indenbaum at 215-334-2568.

Remember to NEVER VISIT THE PARK AFTER DARK, and to try not to visit the park alone. Always think SAFETY COMES FRIST and your will be able to have an enjoyable time and stay out of harms way.

Revitalizing Bardascino Park

In 1993, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's Philadelphia Green launched its "Parks Revitalization Project" to help community groups take charge of their parks. What begun as a modest initiative involving just three parks, has now grown into a project which now involves nearly 60 parks throughout Philadelphia, including Bardascino Park. Through the collaborative efforts of Philadelphia Green, the city's Department of Recreation, the Fairmount Park Commission, and community groups, the project has had a dramatic impact, greatly improving the appearance of many parks and making them an integral part of urban life once again.

The project also facilitates "friends" groups, such as Friends of Campbell Park (FOCS), please see my HubPages article on Campbell Park, Philadelphia. The Bardascino Park is just starting up a "friends" group and hopefully by summer they will have some events planned for the community.

Well-maintained, active parks, such as Bardascino Par,k are found in strong communities with a lot to offer-from a stable real estate market to safe streets to an environment where residents are deeply invested in their quality of life. This is the type of park that brings a community together, and a wonderful place for you to become part of that community. The groups that are transforming Philadelphia's parks have never been stronger. In the past decade, government has infused the parks with a new wave of capital dollars. Private investors have stepped forward. Once seen as places that were not only abandoned but actively avoided, neighborhood parks today draw thousands of city residents for concerts, celebrations, and recreation. There is a renewed sense of pride, purpose, and place.


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