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Bark Avenue in Destin Florida Review

Updated on June 8, 2010

Pet Boutique

While in Destin, Florida, my friends and I went shopping at the strip malls. Destin Commons was one that the other girls had to go to, but in all reality, I was ready to go home. I'm not much of a shopper and I'd had enough clothes, shoes, and purses for the day. But, we went anyway.

After another 10 stores of clothes and shoes, I spotted what looked like a small pet store, and I'm a sucker for pet stores. I knew I had to go in. The other girls went to another clothing store, where I apparently missed one of the girls trying on a jumper outfit (I'm still not sure what that even is).

While in the pet store, I immediately spotted it as a high-end, expensive pet boutique.

Now, sometimes you can find great deals in pet boutiques, and great products that you wouldn't find in normal pet stores or in the pet isle at Wal*Mart or Target, so it's great to browse around check out what all is there.

But, the thing to remember about pet boutiques is that they are generally geared toward small dogs. They generally have teeny collars and leashes, small clothes, and fancy bags to carry small dogs in. So, if you have a medium or large size dog, the best thing you'll find in most pet boutiques will be treats and maybe a few toys.

For me, I'll browse anything- store or isle- that has pet products. Now, I do have a yorkie, so in terms of small dogs, I can typically find something for them at boutiques, but my yorkie isn't the frilly, dress-up, and parade around small dog. He's the rough and tumble boy, who hates bows and clothes, so in the regards, the clothes isle just doesn't do for him.

Although, I do have a small dog, my hear lies with big dogs, which is where my APBT, Bull Mastiff, and St. Bernard/Collie come into play. There typically just isn't anything in a small boutique for these lovely ladies. But, I shop for them anyway.

Bark Avenue Pet Boutique

When it came to Bark Avenue, the store had tons of jewel collars and leashes, clothes, treats, high-quality dog food, and basic pet boutique items. What I found was different were the paintings, bakery goods, and odds-n-ins.

The pet store includes great treats, to include apple and blueberry treats by Sojo, and at the register there was a case of bakery goods, that look like real iced and decorated cookies. I bought a box of the apple treats, which my dogs love, and several of the gourmet cookies, which when broken into smaller pieces are devoured quickly.

Treat jars, dog toys, fancy collar by B.B. Simon, character paintings, dog shirts, cotton and leather collars and leashes, porcelain dog bowls, and so many other great goodies can be found at Bark Avenue.

Although, I did spend close to $100 at this store, I enjoyed my time looking around and talking with the owner. I walked out of the store with the gourmet cookies, apple Sojo treats, two small porcelain dog bowls, and a dog bowl stand.

If you're looking for a small, store to shop around at, I'd definitely check out Bark Avenue. The customer service is great, and the selection is nice. Just be careful walking around because the store is small, and there is a lot of things within the building; you don't want to knock anything off the shelves.

And, do check out the fancy collars and leashes; the owner said that the larger collars are quite popular among bulldog owners. Just remember that they're not collars to be worn at all times, but while you're out with your pooch, the fancy collar will definitely grab attention to your dog.


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