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Batangas : Meeting the Pitbulls

Updated on February 12, 2013

We traveled to Batangas for work and understood why pitbulls need a fighting chance

It was almost noon when we were on the road to Batangas and the traffic was not in the way. The travel was a lot quicker too because we took the expressway to the south. Expressways are beautiful but tends to be a bit redundant.

From a big mall, Pet Coach Francis Cleofas escorted us to a very wide yard. This is where CARA (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals) volunteers take care of and rehabilitate pitbulls. We were greeted by barks and from the volume, I could tell it was a crowd...a huge crowd.

History of the Laguna Pitbulls

300+ pitbulls were rescued from a Korean syndicate from Laguna. The foreigners were going to sell them to a syndicate who will starve the pitbulls to provoke them to fight for food. The fight were done online and viewers will bet online also. They were taken care of for a while at Laguna and CARA, realizing the space is too small for them, they were transferred to a larger, better space at Batangas.


Media is partly to blame because of the misconception that pit bulls are killers. Tabloids always scream that pitbulls attack humans and in a very violent way. One, pit bulls are very affectionate, even more affectionate than the Chihuahua... but the truth is, they are tough because they have such a strong resistance to pain.

My sad truth

I need to adopt one pitbull. I fell in love with Carbon. (I forgot of she's a she or a he but for the sake of this blog, we'll call her a she)

She's not in this list because she isn't rehabilitated yet. (

I need her for my sanity and to help. I know I need to but I can't. I wanted to bring one home but the question always is, where will I take care of her? Will she be in a better place if she's with me? This is my truth and it saddened me more.

I know I will love her immensely but I will have no resources to support her...So just like when you love someone, I have to learn to let her go...

Please adopt these poor loving creatures...they do not deserve to be in a pit killing each other to death, they do not deserve to stay in cages either. They need a home. They need you.

As for me, doomed to not have a pet, I'll find other ways. It may not be the way that I want but it is the way that they need.


Mona - One of the pit bulls up for adoption

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