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Be Free with "Advanced Freedom" - Swimsuits designed with all women in mind

Updated on January 2, 2016

A vacation spent by the ocean always helps to recharge you. It allows you to cherish the best moments of the happiness spent in paradise. Do you recall your last trip to the beach? Do you remember packing for your trip, and looking for that perfect swimsuit? The swimsuit that you love the most but gives you some trouble to put on? The freedom of being in the water, with the unpleasant reminder of how long it took to change into the swimsuit. Once you have it on you are good until you need to rush to the ladies room.

For the love of swimming or just enjoying the water, Advanced Freedom has simplified the process of dressing for your beach adventure. Especially wheelchair users that defy gravity only in the water, there is hope to ease dressing and undressing process with the new smart swimsuit developed by Advanced Freedom.

I’d like to reach out to each of you, to share the idea and ask for your opinions. Believe it or not, your opinion is needed to build this next generation of swim wear. Your ideas, suggestions, and thoughts, will be the guiding force behind the final product design.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and I love swimming or just lazying around in the water, but dread the inconveniences caused by my illness, and hate that I have to plan these activities and the difficult steps that go along with getting ready to go in the water, and out. I have weakness in my legs, making it hard to stand up for prolonged periods of time, and an urgent bladder. I sometimes think I have to give up this routine, due to physical challenges I face. It is these challenges that I face that have enlightened me to think of a way to make swimsuits smarter and more accessible. If you face similar challenges as I do, you will love Advanced Freedom. It solves a lot of these inconveniences and helps you feel free. Forget about the worries of hurrying to the ladies room, and getting out of a wet (or dry) one-piece swimsuit. Now you can have a smart design that looks like a one-piece but actually consists of two pieces. Our goal was to design this smart swimwear for women with limited mobility, but our research has suggested that this design is useful to all women.

All of our swimwear is designed in Toronto, Ontario and will be manufactured in Canada with designer quality fabric. We selected the best fabric with four-way stretch, quick-drying qualities, chlorine resistant colors, and UV protection! We guarantee you will fall in love with Advanced Freedom.

Advanced Freedom swimwear will be designed and constructed with maximum comfort and support for women with disabilities. Advanced Freedom offers a snug fit and an elegant look of a one-piece swimsuit while you are wearing a two-piece garment. Relax and enjoy your water activities, and feel confident with Advanced Freedom. We realize that the comforts of Advanced Freedom will extend its potential to include women with all abilities. Anyone who likes to swim will enjoy it immensly.

Each design offers two-piece tankini-type swimsuit, with hooks on the back or side. This will prevent the tankini top from riding up on you in the water when wet.

Magnetic closures on either sides of the one-piece design will allow easy access when going to the washroom. This stylish one-piece looking swimsuit will be crafted with the same type of premium fabrics as the tankinis and offered in sizes extra-small (XS) to extra-large (XL). Tops and bottoms will be sold separately to allow selection and fit for different body types and to simplify the shopping process.

Get involved and express your opinions and ideas! Become a supporter and get a lifetime loyalty discount for all products that will be developed by Advanced Freedom. Due to the varying styles, we need your opinions as to what would be the most comfortable, accessible and convenient swimsuit for you. By supporting our Kickstarter campaign and helping us reach our goal, Advanced Freedom will be reality!

We invite you to speak with us twice a week on Facebook in January. Connect with the designer and the inspiration for this project, Louise Sertsis. Share our project with your friends, join our discussion group and help us to get to the next level. Be the first to test our product when it becomes available.

The people behind Advanced Freedom

Louise Sertsis

Just shy of my fortieth birthday and I am ready to fully engage myself and become a contributing member of society. For years I was a hermit in my home, believing that activities did not include disabled people like me. In 1998 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and it has forced me to live life in a wheelchair. It took many years to accept my situation, full of resentment and self pity. I was unable to look at life as a gift, and in my own stubbornness, chose to shut myself off to society. This only brought more pain and suffering. I was now in a vicious circle that just exacerbated my symptoms, adding to my mental anguish and further isolation from the world.

Through my very turbulent battle with MS, I've had two major procedures to alter the course of my disease: A bone marrow transplant to halt the progression of MS, and CCSVI to open narrowed veins, typical in people with this disease. I really am thankful to have had these procedures as I was progressing at an accelerating rate. It was a long recovery; however, I now feel reborn, and energized for life!

Soul searching and boredom has plagued my life, since I have been unable to work due to my illness. I was tired of being at home with no purpose … even getting out of bed felt like a chore!

It was throughout this time I was able to realize, that I was essentially present in my body, but not truly living. I really wanted and needed change, even though it would be the hardest thing to accomplish in my life.

I love to travel, swimming being one of my absolute favorite activities. Since my diagnosis and being in a wheelchair, I recognize that swimsuits were not created and inclusive of disabled individuals. I gave up something I once loved, because dressing and undressing was too complicated. Especially when the swimsuit was wet, trying to go to the washroom was almost impossible. Swimming used to be carefree and fun, and now has turned into inconvenience and fear. I believe that disabled women with similar challenges that I face have been shunned from swimming and other water-based activities, with one factor being that current swimsuit designs are inaccessible.

Over the past year I have had the privilege of meeting Marina Pascale, an accomplished swimsuit designer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She agrees with my opinion surrounding the issues with existing swimsuits available today. She has been able to incorporate my vision into her proposed designs. This is how Advanced Freedom was born.

By solving the inaccessible one piece swimsuit, I was able to think this unique, innovative swimsuit for women with varying disabilities. While this idea was initially inspired by my illness, this type of closure could appeal to all women. It will be included as an option, creating less hassle and more convenience.

Gone are the days of inaccessible swimsuits and time consuming havoc for the disabled individual. We can now relax as the old idea will be replaced by the new "one-piece two-piece" smart Advanced Freedom swimwear designs.

Experts that Support Advanced Freedom

It feels great when you work with the right talent and expertise. To be successful on this project, we employed the best and connected with the most talented people to execute the idea and build Advanced Freedom. I am proud to share that I work with Marina Pascale, a creative designer of La Maison De Pascale. Marina has vast experience in the industry and understood the idea right from the first moment. With her knowledge of the market, and combined with your opinions and ideas, I am confident that together we will deliver the best product for our customers.

Design #1 - The One-Piece Two-Piece

Design #2 - Corset-style tankini

Louise Sertsis


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    • Louise Sertsis profile imageAUTHOR

      Louise Sertsis 

      2 years ago from Canada

      I'm excited to see the future of swimsuits! Multiple Sclerosis has made me want to revolutionize, and provide swim wear that is inclusive of all abilities. I feel that people in my situation have learned to comply with the standards set forth by their able-bodied counterparts. I am ready to tackle the world of inclusion, starting with swimsuit designs.


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