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Beach Activities

Updated on June 20, 2011


Beaches are very popular places in the summer. People go to the beach to have fun and relax. I try to get to the beach once a week during the summer months. However sometimes they can be boring.

I have provided some tips that might make your beach experience more enjoyable.


Get Active

While working on your tan you can also work on your body. The beach is a great place to exercise. People often try to get in shape before they go to the beach. If your body still needs some work you can improve your body at the beach.

Swimming is fun and great for burning calories. You can also run or walk along the beach. Walk or run in the water for more of a workout. Some other fun beach activities are beach volley ball, frisbee, badminton, catch and bocce ball.

You could also go for a relaxing boat ride. Canoes, kayaks or rafts can be used at most beaches. Paddling a boat around is a fun way to spend your time and it provides a nice workout. Surfing or wind surfing are other good options.

Wandering away from the beach you could go for a long walk or bike ride.

Meditating on the beach
Meditating on the beach | Source
Relaxing exercises at the beach
Relaxing exercises at the beach | Source

Relax and Energize

Siting or laying down on a towel or picnic table is the most common beach activity. It is a good way to relax but there are more relaxing things you can do. If the beach is busy you might want to find a quieter spot to do them.

The beach is a great place to meditate. You can get into a comfortable position and start meditating. Most people would not even realize what you were doing. It can be a lot more relaxing than just sitting or laying down. Meditation has a long list of health benefits and it feels good. The down side is that it is easy to fall asleep after you become deeply relaxed.

Tai chi, yoga and qigong are relaxing healing exercises you can do at the beach. These exercises can be done without any equipment. Unlike meditation you are making more of a spectacle of yourself.

If you feel self  conscious  or you are blocking the view of other people you can move to the edge of the beach. They are similar forms of exercise and they all leave me felling energized and relaxed when I am finish. The reason they are considered healing exercises is because they reduce stress, improve circulation and strengthen your internal organs.


Take In The Sights and Sounds

Beaches can have a lot of nice scenery. If you walk away from the crowds you can enjoy the peaceful scenery and animals. It is a good place for some nature photography. I like taking and looking at photos of the beach. Looking at them helps to refresh the memory and it is relaxing. Beaches are also good places for people watching.

Besides enjoying the sights you can also enjoy the sounds. The sounds of the water can be very relaxing. If you have a music player you could record the sounds for later. Most people would not think about recording the sounds. However listening to them can help you relax when you are not at the beach. Some people use them to help them go to sleep.

A change of scene

People go to the beach and often spend their time in the same spot. I recommend checking out the beach to see what your options are. When I go to the beach I put my stuff down somewhere then I take a walk and look for a better place.

If you are at the beach for a while moving to a different spot can add a bit of variety. I like to change the view once in a while. Another way to add some variety is to check out other beaches. If you go to the same beach every time the view and experience can become too familiar.

I was going to the same beach every time until I recently found out about some other beaches I could bike to. If there are other beaches in your area you should check them out.



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    • mandymoreno81 profile image

      mandymoreno81 6 years ago

      I love the beach! Nothing like just soaking up the rays :)

    • raxit02 profile image

      raxit02 6 years ago from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      Wonderful piece of hub. I love to write about the beaches. I am preparing for this. Your hub have inspired me to think a bit differently. I will definitely mention the activities one can do while spending leisure time in a beach area.

      All the best.