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Beach Delights

Updated on July 23, 2016
Tricia Deed profile image

Tricia Deed is a freelance writer who enjoys introducing people to outdoor hobby or leisure activities. Water sports anyone?

Sun and Surf

Enjoy the sun and surf at the beach. These are but two of many beach delights for all to enjoy.
Enjoy the sun and surf at the beach. These are but two of many beach delights for all to enjoy. | Source

Fun Beach Activities

Riding a wave.
Riding a wave. | Source
Walking your favorite pet.
Walking your favorite pet. | Source
Collecting shells at the shoreline.
Collecting shells at the shoreline. | Source
The challenge of building a sandcastle in the sand.
The challenge of building a sandcastle in the sand. | Source

Beach Activities for Everyone

The traditional view of going to the beach is to enjoy swimming, and tanning our body for bronzing rights, or sitting under an umbrella sipping a cool refreshing drink.

Wake up! Beaches offer much more.

Beach Fun - Things To Do List:

  1. Surfing, skiing, jet skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, and boating.
  2. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and exploring for treasure.
  3. Fishing from the surface or spear fishing in the water.
  4. Parasailing and gliding in the sky.
  5. Observing wildlife on the beaches and the water.
  6. Building art projects such as sand castles.
  7. Collecting shells and hunting for buried treasure.
  8. Watching the rising and the setting of the sun.
  9. Listening to concert music or attending a theater production.
  10. Playing a variety of sports,such as, golf, badminton, tennis, Frisbee, and volleyball.
  11. Walking the boardwalk, playing with arcade machines, and attending the amusement park.
  12. Horseback riding, bicycling, kite flying, or walking a pet.
  13. Nightclubs and restaurants for evening activities.

The beaches have many activities for playing, enjoying family and friends, and meeting new people.

For a season at the beach, this lightweight canvas chair works fine. The canvas material allows for easy wipe-up or hose cleaning.

It is not always possible to sit on the sand and a chair is appreciated. There are two cup holders which makes it nice for a beverage and a hot dog or a burger.

The pouch on the chair is an asset for keys, sun lotion, and other personal items.

The canopy does provide shade from the sun blistering the head or the neck area.

Healthy Beach Activities

A couple doing their meditation routine.
A couple doing their meditation routine. | Source
A sun bather enjoying the rays of the sun.
A sun bather enjoying the rays of the sun. | Source
Man and woman doing their exercises.
Man and woman doing their exercises. | Source
Group yoga class.
Group yoga class. | Source
Man and dog taking their daily walk.
Man and dog taking their daily walk. | Source

Health Benefits of the Beach

Why do people enjoy the beach?

The most obvious answers would be to enjoy the sun and the surf and participate in their favorite beach and relaxation activity.

Let’s explore some other reasons for visiting beaches.

Travel: It is a retreat from the responsibilities of home and business. We all enjoy our homes but there is always a greater appreciation for home when we vacate for a short period of time.

For instance, we enjoy a week or two of a vacation, but what are the first words we utter on arrival …”It’s great to be home”. After a day actively participating in fun beach activities at the beach, we enjoy being home.

  1. The fun beach activities at the beach have used up our energy and refreshed our mental, emotional, and spiritual being allowing a good night of sleep and a readiness to face a new day of challenges.
  2. We appreciate our employment and our brief get-a-way from the work arena allows renewed energy and/or ideas for our employer or for our business. For families it is beach family fun of togetherness.

Ocean Water Benefits:

  1. The beach is a living body of water to feel the coolness of water at our ankles when wading and the coolness of water covering our entire body when swimming above or below the water.
  2. Walking in the soft sand massages our feet and toes. The active participation of physical movement in, on, and around the ocean waters help to burn body fat as we slenderize and firm muscles.
  3. Sitting or lying down on a beach towel or reclining on a lounging chair listening or watching the waves induces meditation and relaxation relieving much stress of fatigued mind and body.
  4. Observing beach scenery, and watching wildlife both above and below the ocean offers interesting and fascinating education of marine life. Watching the air, land, and water animal life in its natural setting is a rewarding experience.

Ocean Air Health Benefits:

Many people who attend the beaches enjoy breathing the salty air. The salty air seems to clear out nasal passages and our lungs of pollution and irritants which cause us to have many allergies, nasal discomforts, and other nasal and lung diseases. People with skin disorders such as psoriasis try to attend beaches as often as possible for both the sea water and the sea air.

The sea air is not a cure-all for many of our aches and pains, but many people will swear of its healthy benefits. These people go to the beaches as often as possible or prefer to live near the ocean to enjoy a healthy beach life for both mental and physical well being.

Rip Tides

Rip Tide Safety Information.
Rip Tide Safety Information. | Source

Weather Forecast Sea Conditions

Check the weather forecasts and sea conditions before going to the beach. Lightning, thunder, or any bad weather are not the best conditions for pleasure and leisure at the beach.

National, state, and local stations will provide information concerning water statistics, weather forecast, marine service, tide conditions and more. These organizations help with beach safety education resources. .

An excellent starting point is with the National Weather station located online at then proceed to other weather stations which will fit your personal interests.

Popular tourist destinations have their business web pages indicating weather and beach safety education and other beneficial information for their guests.

While at the beach local television and radio stations do broadcast ocean conditions for swimmers and boaters. There are many mobile phones and mobile radios which are waterproof and can be taken onto the beach.

Marine Life Commonly Found on Beaches

Dead jellyfish on sandy beach.
Dead jellyfish on sandy beach. | Source
Sand crab
Sand crab | Source
Kelp | Source

Beach Education Observing Marine Life

  1. On the sandy beaches the tide will leave behind jellyfish, stingrays, and a variety of dead fishes, sand crabs, and clams. Whether they are alive or dead, do not touch them. Be careful; there are hidden dangers such as biting or stinging from both seen and unseen critters. Hot water or vinegar (especially helpful for jellyfish stings) is a handy first aid remedy until seen by a lifeguard or health care attendants.
  2. From the shoreline or in the water, marine life encountered will include sharks, manatees, dolphins and an occasional whale.
  3. Do not touch rotting seaweed. The decaying process attracts kelp flies, assorted bugs, and worms. Attracting kelp flies or red mites on your skin will be very irritating. Stings from other critters will be worse.

Most of us have a camera, but what about those times when you wish you had an underwater camera?

Underwater scenery and marine life fascinate me. For those of us who enjoy snorkeling, but cannot afford underwater camera equipment, this one time camera or disposable camera does a pretty good job.

The shots are clear and have vivid color. There is a rubber strap to put around your neck to prevent loss. The price of developing the negatives into prints is affordable.

Eastman Kodak Company 8004707 Water Sport One Time Use Camera 27Exp Under-Sport

Beach Essentials

A beach bag, a pair of flip flops, and a beach blanket.
A beach bag, a pair of flip flops, and a beach blanket. | Source
A solar pair of sun glasses.
A solar pair of sun glasses. | Source
A full bucket of ice and bottles of water.
A full bucket of ice and bottles of water. | Source

Beach Bag Essentials

The beach is a lot of fun but do not forget to pack a beach bag with personal and family necessities.

Start from your head and work down to your toes to make a list to avoid forgetting any items.

Your list may look something like this:

  1. Head covers such as a hat, scarf, umbrella
  2. Sun glasses, eye drops, nose plugs, lip balm, sunscreen lotions
  3. First aid kit, prescribed medicines, burn ointments or sprays, prescriptions, distilled vinegar
  4. Swimwear suitable for the beach and ocean bathing
  5. Drying towels, beach towel, mat, or lounge chair
  6. beach sandals
  7. A cooler of ice filled with fruits, beverages, and water
  8. A container of water for cleaning, wet wipes, paper towels
  9. A favorite toy, game, book, deck of cards, camera
  10. Waterproof container for holding keys and other valuables not to be damaged by sand or water
  11. Plastic trash bags

This may seem like a long list but one needs to be prepared.

Are You a Water Baby?

What is your swimming preference?

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