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The Beach Towel - Essential Beach Accessory

Updated on May 18, 2010

There are many different types of towels available for all sorts of purposes – you can buy baby towels, salon towels and many other types but if you’re looking for a bright cozy towel that will dry you quickly after a swim and give you a comfy place to lounge on the beach, a beach towel is what you’re after.

Beach towels come in all different designs and in a variety of sizes and materials. Ordinary bath towels usually aren’t big enough to lie on (and besides, you probably don’t want to get sand in your household towels) so a decent beach towel is an essential purchase for holidays and trips to the beach or the local swimming pool.

Like the swimwear you choose, a brightly colored beach towel is an important accessory when you’re lounging at the beach. Choose a color or design that will match your bikini or just stand out on the beach so it’s easy to find your lounging area when you return from a dip in the sea.

beach towel picture by laurapadgett on flickr
beach towel picture by laurapadgett on flickr

Beach towel fabrics

Most towels are made from cotton or a cotton and synthetic mix and a cotton beach towel is a great choice for absorbency and comfort. As you’ll be using the towel to lie on, whether you lay it directly on the sand our use it on a beach lounger, you’ll want to make sure the fabric is soft and comfortable. This requirement makes a velour beach towel a popular choice as it is softer, thicker and more luxurious than other cheaper towels. Velour towels are silky soft to the touch and result in brighter colors and more intricate designs than standard towels. The velour surface is created by cutting the loops of cotton on one side of the fabric to create a softer finish with brighter colors. The other side of the towel will have the normal towel loops and be fully absorbent.

Beach towel designs

Beach towels come in a much wider range of colors and patterns than normal bath towels and bright clashing colors and wacky patterns are the norm. Novelty beach towels are a popular choice, featuring photographs, favorite cartoon characters or amusing comedy designs. A beach towel can make a great souvenir of a holiday – they’re usually sold in souvenir shops featuring maps, iconic images and the name of your holiday destination. Pretty much anything can be printed onto a beach towel and some companies give away a free promotional beach towel featuring their logo or product. If you really want your towel to stand out on the beach then you might want to design your own personalized beach towel which can be printed in designs and colors of your choice. Custom beach towels are available from several companies online.

Choosing beach towels

There’s a huge variety of towels to choose from and you need to consider your own personal requirements when deciding what to buy. Think about where you’ll be using the towel most – at the pool or on the beach? If you’ll mostly be using the towel for a quick dry off then a cheaper more absorbent version is probably best for you. For lounging on the beach however, think about purchasing an oversized beach towel for maximum comfort – large beach towels will stop the annoyance of getting sand on your legs when you’re lying down and make it easier to change clothes under your towel too. If you have children then you’ll probably want to get them their own kids beach towels. These are smaller than the adult versions and come in an appealing range of designs with popular children’s characters.


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