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Bear N Mom - Travel - Wyndham Hotel, Gettysburg, PA

Updated on May 12, 2014
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I grew up the daugther of a man with wanderlust in his feet. I have always loved travel to different places. We bought a timeshare in 1992.

Travel and Registration

Traveling to the Wyndham Hotel in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, was not a complicated trip. You can get to the hotel easily by taking the Pennsylvania Turnpike to Exit 17 and then Route 15 South about 17 miles. All of the roads are 4 lane and easily accessible.

Upon arrival you can park in the circle to register at the hotel and for bellhop service to your room. One of the bellhops was particularly frisky and gave rides to the conventioneers on his carts.

One piece of advice for anyone who is handicapped and doesn't use a wheelchair. The room numbers start at the furthest point from the elevators and end up behind them along a single hallway. So if you are given a room number such as 305 through 315 you will be traveling two long hallway to arrive at your room each time you leave and return to your room. If accommodations near the elevators are needed you need to ask for room on the floor in the 40 to 50 range such as 345 through 359.

Accommodations and Dining

The rooms are beautifully decorated and there is internet availability for the convenience of business travelers. There are two computers just off the lobby for shared use if you don't have a laptop.

The hotel is pet friendly and I saw several of our members with their dogs out walking at various times of the day. There is an extra charge per pet per room. I was astounded to see a guest who was walking three dogs. His stay must have been a tad bit expensive in comparison to us who didn't bring our pets.

The hotel boasts a dining room for breakfast through dinner and a small cocktail bar with living room seating along both sides of the lobby. On one side is a grand piano. No one played during our stay so I'm not sure if they provide entertainment or not.

Meeting Rooms and Banquet Dining

There is a huge banquet room that can be used as one meeting room or broken down into four separate rooms for seminars. They also have three separate rooms along the hallway leading to the main room for smaller meetings or banquet needs.

There are conveniently located restrooms along all of the hallways. Outside the foyer leading to the main banquet room is located a patio style deck for outdoor seating.

The hotel itself is decorated in red, white and blue themed toward the Civil War and is particularly well lit with outdoor windows except in the inner meeting rooms.

Wrap Up

Although I didn't get a chance to use the pool area or the spa, they are available between the hours of 5 am and 11 pm. You would think I would have found time to swim with those hours available.

All in all, I had a wonderful time and my room was particularly comfortable with the ergonomic desk chair and the walk in shower which I need these days. I would recommend using this hotel again for personal use since there are affordable restaurants all within a five minute drive from the hotel. I particularly like the Perkins location.

I don't recommend the hotel for a convention since they did not offer any special food or drink packages for cocktail parties that are common at the main banquet. The hospitality rooms were at the ends of both sides of the hotel but were small rooms with a bedroom attached. We were crowded in each of the rooms.


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