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Beauty of Madinah

Updated on December 4, 2016

Madinah is situated in heart of Saudi Arabia. Madinah is second holiest place in Islam after Mecca. Madinah is also birth palace of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Prophet mosque is also situated in heart of Madinah.

Madinah is also home to the three old mosques of Islam.

The Prophet Mosque

The Quba Mosque

The Qiblatain Mosque

Madinah History

Madniah is important religios city for muslims. Islam first Mosque Quba, The Qiblatain Mosque, The Mosque of the Prophet, situated in Madinah. Battle of Badr and Uhad also took place in Madinah. Thousand of Muslim around the world visit Madinah every year and I also considers these days most memorable days of my life.

The Prophet Mosque

Prophet mosque built by Holy Prophet (PBUH). It was the second mosque built in Islamic history and considers world largest mosque after several expansion programs. Prophet mosque is Islam second holiest site after Masjid Haram Makkah. Large number of people comes from every where to see the Prophet mosque which is situated in heart of Madinah city.

The Quba Mosque

Beautiful night view of Quba Mosque.
The Quba Mosque is very first mosque built in Islam.
When Holy Prophet (PBUH) came from Makkah to Madinah he laid stone of mosque and then
companions completed the Mosque. Holy Prophet used to go there riding and by foot. Now newly built Quba Mosque is very beautiful and people comes around the world to see this beautiful mosques.

Beautiful View of Prophet Mosque Madinah

The Qiblatain Mosque

Beautiful view of Qiblatain Mosque in holy city of Madinah.
The Qiblatain Mosque is also considers earliest mosque in Islamic history after Quba mosque and Prophet Mosque Madinah. Before muslims facing baitulmuqqadus during prayer. In Qiblatian mosque holy Prophet received order from Allah to change his face towords Kaba during Salah. Thats why this mosque called Qiblatain.

The Qhandaq Mosque

Beautiful view of Saba Masajid Madinah it also called Khandaq Mosque. Qhandaq mosque also situated in Madinah and also called "Saba Masajid" Thousands of people visit every day to see Khandaq Mosque.

Night view of Prophet Mosque

Beautiful lighting, marble flooring and amazing construction provide beautiful look to prophet mosque at night. During Ramadan and Hajj season large number of people visit Prophet mosque and usually large number of people spent night in Prophet mosque.

Ramadan in Madinah

Holy month of Ramadan is worth seeing in Madinah. People comes all over the world to enjoy blessings of Ramadan in holy city of Madinah. Due to large number of people including women and children government of Saudi Arab provide special arrangements in month of Ramadan. Thousands of young volunteers, security personnel's and medical staff provide excellent service to thousands of people who visit Prophet Mosque in month of Ramadan. Large number of people perform Itikaf in last ten days of Ramadan.

Beautiful View of Quba Mosque Madinah

Geography of Madinah

Madinah Saudi Arabia

get directions

Prophet Mosque with open umbrellas

Beautiful view of Prophet Mosque with lot of open umbrellas. Several umbrellas have fixed to provide protection from sun during day time. All umbrellas have electronic mechanism and covers large area out side mosque.

Top View of Prophet Mosque

Beautiful top view of Prophet Mosque. Now magreb time is near sun is going down and people are enjoying beautiful magreb time in Prophet mosque.

At the time of magreb salah. Pople are waiting for mugreb salah.

Jannat ul Baqi Graveyard

Beautiful view of Prophet Mosque form Jannat ul Baqi graveyard. Jannat ul Baqi graveyard is situated very near Prophet mosque. Several companions of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Islam noble personalities also buried here. Thousands of people also visit Jannat ul Baqi every day which is very near form Prophet mosque. In picture you can see view of Prophet mosque from Jannat ul Baqi graveyard.

Uhud Mountain

Uhud is very famous mountain and in north of Madinah. Uhud was the site of second battle fought between Muslims and nonbelievers. Despite some early losses Muslim forces fought hard and defeat the enemy. Uhud is very famous tourist place in Madinah. Muslims come all over the world to see the famous uhud mountain and graves of martyres of battle of uhud including Prophet (PBUH) beloved uncle hazrat Hamza (R) who was martyred in battle of uhud.

Lovely Madinah

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Famous Places in Madinah

Some famous places in Madinah.

  • Prophet Mosque
  • Quba Mosque
  • Qiblatain Mosque
  • Khandaq Mosque
  • Place of Badr
  • Place of Uhud

Prophet Mosque in Pictures


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    • kufarooq profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

      Many thanks sir your visit. Allah almighty give you change to come here and see Makakah and Madinah very soon. Aamin

    • agusfanani profile image


      6 years ago from Indonesia

      I" d like to visit Madinah when I go Haj Pilgrimage in the future. Wow this is a very beautiful hub. I vote it up awesome too.


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