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Bed and Breakfast 4: How to Create Your Fire Risk Assessment

Updated on August 15, 2014

This is the 4th in a number of Hubs that will take you through the opening and running of a Bed and Breakfast business.

If your charging for providing overnight sleeping accommodation; by law you must have a Fire Risk Assessment.

This hub will enable you to create your own Fire Risk Assessment.

The Fire Inspector, a tool that will help you create your F.R.A.

If you've decided the bed and breakfast business is going to be your future applying for planning permission will include change of use. As part of the application inform the local Fire and Rescue Authority will be informed of your intention.

If you decide to start off with just one or two rooms you may not have to have planning permission. But one of the first things you'll probably do is start advertising the fact that your providing bed and breakfast; you'd be silly not to.

Aadvertising the fact pops you up on the Fire Inspectors radar and if you haven't called him in, which you don't have to; the first time you here of him will be a phone call to say he will be calling round in a few days, to Audit your Fire Risk Assessment.

As owner of the building you have to provide a Fire Risk Assessment.

Which is all well and good, nothing to panic about, once you've read this hub, had a copy of my F.R.A. and you've created your own.

However a better course of action is to created your F.R.A. then you:


No need to be apprehensive he's there to help you,
Your not trying to pass an exam,
You'll not get 50 lashes if you get something wrong,
He will probably praise you for calling him in.

He'll not tell you what to put in your F.R.A., because that would be affording him a level responsibility. If he dose identify a problem he'll just talk it over with you and point you in the right direction.

He's there to audit your findings and offer you advice.

A working Fire Risk Assessment

Just one or two points I want to get across to you before we look into creating a Fire Risk Assessment (F.R.A.).

  1. I am not a Fire Inspector,
  2. I am not a fireman,
  3. I am not a fire prevention consultant,
  4. I am not involved in any business relating to the fire protection industry.

What I am; is someone who runs a Bed and Breakfast, who had to create a Fire Risk Assessment for the building I own; that's been pasted by our local fire inspector.

What I'm about to give you is access to is MY F.R.A. I emphasize MY F.R.A. because you can't use it.
You can't use it, because your building is different than my building.
You can't use it, because I created it.
You have to create your own; because you are responsible for your building.

What you can do with it, is identify the procedure that's been used to create it, thereby enabling you to create your own Fire Risk Assessment.

The document is in PDF form, in Google docs.

The Cornerstones Guest House Fire Risk Assessment

You'll see that it's not at tall complicated; but if you do need a little advice I can be your first port of call having been though the process. Just ask any questions you have in the comments capsule at the end.

No Point in Doing for You

A could go through the Fire Risk Assessment step by step; but there really is no point in me doing that. Your building will be entirely different and only you will know what fire precautions you have in place. The document is self explanatory, as you will see when you down load it.

All your doing is describing each section of the building. Identifying any possible fire hazards and what fire precautions and procedures are in place to combat the hazards.

You my think why write down any potential fire hazards. Why not just move them then you won't have to put them down.

To give you an example:
I identified the contents of waste papers baskets, in each room, as a possible fire hazard.

To combat that hazard:
I entered the papers baskets where emptied, in the morning, on a daily bases.

The Government guide for bed and breakfast providers

The government identified in the new law that establishments providing over night paid accommodation, should come under special consideration and so produced a independent booklet just for that sector.

Fire Safety Risk Assessment for Sleeping Accommodation

The above booklet should be read in conjunction with producing your F.R.A. If there's anything your not to clear about make a note of it and ask your fire inspector when he calls.


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